Davao businesswoman tells youth: Register and vote

With barely three months left to deadline, a young businesswoman has called on the youth  to register or undergo biometrics with the Commission on Election (Comelec) for the purpose of the 2016 May elections.

ELECTIONThe youth should nake their voice heard in the coming political exercise to choose our next leaders, said Nicole Hao Bian, an officer of JIB Career Center.

The young lady is the daughter of George Bian and Joji Ilagan Bian, founders of JIB, a Davao City-based pioneering tech-voc school which has sent hundreds of graduates to jobs abroad.

In urging the young to participate in the coming election, Nicole said the youth has so much stake because their future will be shaped by the new set of elected officials.

The Comelec has set in October the deadline to register or for registered voters to undergo biometrics to complete their records. The poll body said voters without biometrics will not be allowed to cast their votes in the May polls.

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