Political nincompoopism: Aquino as Roxas’ vice president

Despondency can bring out the craziest of ideas.


In politics, dispondency can inflict acute nincompoopism that breeds bizarre ideas.

     Thanks to Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga, the prelude to the presidential race in the May 2016 has been spiced up with this kind of weird political insanity.

     Despondent over Senator Grace Poe’s rejection of an offer by Interior Secretary Mar Roxas to be his running mate, the administration Liberal Party (LP) of President Benigno Aquino is in frantic search for a vice president for Roxas.

     Last year, there was this talk clearly LP inspired about Aquino allies in Congress planning to tinker with the Constitution to lift the term limit on the presidency to extend Aquino’s 6-year tenure.

     That was an idea as crazy as can be and was immediately shot down by public opinion.

     Now, here comes another LP-inspired insanity authored by Barzaga, a member of the National Unity Party belonging to the LP-led administration coalition.

 The idea is insanity of the purest specie; Barzaga could be a case of an Aquino lapdog fattened by presidential patronage willing to be play  nincompoop to please his Malacanang lord.

Barzaga said Aquino should run for vice president of Roxas in the May 2016 derby.

 A Mar-Noy (Roxas-Aquino) tandem would be the dream ticket, a dream team for the Filipino people—our bosses, said Barzaga in a statement.

Greed for power has no limit.

Barzaga said there is no legal impediment under the Constitution for  Aquino to run for a lower office.

As vice president, Aquino could continue  the country’s journey to a straight path that he has started as President, said Barzaga.

Do you believe Barzaga? Then join his club.


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