Binay on what ailed PNoy admin: ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and PPPs (Power Point Presentations)

The Aquino administration’s centerpiece Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program is a sound one, and Vice President Jejomar Binay says he will certainly pursue it should he win in 2016, but with a caveat: he will make sure he gets PPP projects done right and well and quick. There will be “no paralysis by analysis” and “PPP” will certainly not be simply “Power Point Presentations.”

Binay made this clear in a roundtable discussion hosted by News5 on Friday, reiterating a key point he stressed during his keynote speech before the Wallace Business Forum a day before, in which he also held a closed-door, two-hour dialogue with businessmen, diplomats and other WBF members.

Binay said at he News5 Roundtable he will definitely not take literally the saying, “Bagong Hari, Bagong Ugali [New Ruler, New Regime]” because, in all the public posts he has occupied, he has believed in continuing, and even sustaining and strengthening meritorious initiatives of people who preceded him.

Thus, he added, he will continue to make PPP an anchor of the economic growth strategy, drawing attention to Makati City’s experience under his mayorship, when, he said, the local government provided the right environment for business to grow, and in turn benefit everyone.READ MORE

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