In fear, a journalist has issued a pre-mortem statement that the trail should lead to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte if he is murdered.

After crossing the path of the mayor, veteran journalist Philip Lustre Jr. could be having nightmares.

ddsDuterte, widely known for his iron-fist anti-criminality campaign in his city, is accused by human rights groups as behind summary executions of suspected criminals especially drug dealers.

The Human Rights Commission (CHR) in the past had investigated Duterte for his alleged link to the extrajudicial killings and the deadly sweet-shooting .45-cal.-armed Davao Death Squad (DDS) blamed for the hundreds of executions of criminals.

Lustre in his Facebook account had claimed that Duterte, a strong contender to the presidency in the 2016 election, ia not running because he suffers from throat cancer.


duterte rody

Duterte had reacted strongly to the claim he said was false and accused Lustre as a propagandist of Liberal Party presidential bet Mar Roxas.

Duterte said Lustre’s claim was black propaganda.

Lustre has stood by his claim and said  Duterte supporters with fake Facebook accounts have been bullying him in the social media.

police lineI have been subjected to cyberbullying and all forms of verbal abuse using the Internet. I have been threatened with physical harm too by guys who use fake accounts. I have been a victim of black propaganda too, Lustre said in his latest Facebook post.

hoyspotlocalpoll watch

He said he had also received death threats.

“If I fall victim to any form of physical harm, you know who is the culprit,” he wrote.

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