Davao businesswoman backs amendments to economic provisions of Constitution.

A Davao City businesswoman has urged passage of a proposed law aiming to remove restrictive economic provisions of the Constitution and allow entry of more foreign investments.

nicole hao bianNicole Bian of the technical-vocational (tech-voc) school, JIB Career Center, said President Benigno Aquino and Congress should focus their energy on the approval of Resolution of Both Houses No. 1 (RBH-1).

RBH-1 would lift restrictive economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution with primary aim of opening the flood gates to foreign investment to spur the economy, create jobs and reduce poverty.

graphThe proposed bill seeks to include the phrase “unless otherwise provided by law” in the provisions of the Constitution on national economy and patrimony, education, science and technology, arts, culture and sports, among others.

This law is the best legacy that President Aquino could leave when he steps down from the presidency in 2016, said Bian.

Bian said amending the economic provisions of the Constitution would have direct impact on the masses in terms of job opportunities.

jobseekersThe young businesswoman has a wide grasp of supply-and-demand issues and opportunities in the jobs and employment frontShe is a top executive of the Davao City-based JIB Career Center, founded by her parents George Bian and Joji Ilagan Bian, which pioneered technical-vocational courses in MindanaoSince its founding, JIB has graduated thousands of skilled workers but many of them go abroad for lack of local jobs.

RBH-1 is the answer to the country’s poverty and lack of job opportunities, said Bian.

RBH-1 is supported by the Philippine and international chambers of commerce and industry, business groups and associations of economists.

 aquinoThe House of Representatives has already approved on second reading a resolution on RBH-1.

Senate President Franklin Drilon has committed to act on RBH-1 as soon as the House approves its version.

The Senate version of RBH-1 is authored by Senator Ralph Recto.

Belmonte, principal author of the proposed bill in Congress, has said RBH-1 is just one part of a bundle of reform measures prioritized in the House to improve the country’s economy and hoped to have a nationwide plebiscite on RBH-1 to coincide with the 2016 elections.

But with the May election fast approaching and RBH-1 remaining unacted, the landmark measure may have to wait for the next administration.

This piece of vital legislation should be a top priority in the agenda of the next President and Congress, said Bian.

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