Want seat in Davao City Council

A group of young entrepreneurs is gearing up for battle in the coming elections to grab a seat in the Davao City Council to represent young men and women in business to help further push the economic stride of Davao City.

YES LOGORose Yee, interim president of the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Davao (YES Davao), said Davao City has a lot of young people in business whose talents could be tapped in crafting economic strategies that would further reinforce Davao City’s position as the premier city of Mindanao.

We decided that the best avenue for us to help in the progress and development of the city is the local legislative body, said Yee, who at 24 runs small but successful businesses in Davao City’s Lanang Business District.

Being business-oriented, YES Davao has fresh talents whose innovative ideas could be translated into economic legislation that would further spur the city’s economic development, she said.

We believe that it is time for young people in business to share their talent for the benefit of the city and the Dabawenyos, said Yee.

The newly-formed YES Davao with Yee as interim president, is initially composed of a few dozen young Dabawenyos who are into business, social development projects and other civic-oriented initiatives.

Yee said that under the leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and the members of the Davao City Council, the excellent business climate opened numerous business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Our aim to put one of us in the Davao City Council to help craft fruitful economic legislation is our way of paying back for the graces that we earned because of the opportunities for business offered by the city, said Yee.

Yee said YES Davao, formed several months ago, is now scouting for a young man or woman in business whom they would support as a candidate to the Davao City Council in the 2016 elections.

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