smiley-gifReports quoting witnesses have it that Liberal Party (LP) presidential bet Mar Roxas was at the crime scene when an all-female dance group wiggled half naked in a sexually explicit number before a large crowd including children during the birthday bash of LP stalwart Laguna 4th District Rep. Benjamin Agarao Jr. in Sta. Cruz on  Oct. 1,2015.

You cannot fault the staid ultra-religious Ilonggo Senate President Franklin Drilon to be angry and shamed over the behavior of his party mates present at the Agarao birthday party.

Kahuruya sini! he says.

12108783_700342123399651_33966330826909323_nDrilon is not only the President of the Senate but also happens to be the vice president of the LP headed by President Benigno Aquino.

He has expressed extreme  disgust over the sexy dance performance before the public and at the behavior of his wards that included Roxas.

I am saddened and disappointed by this deplorable incident. I strongly condemn and will not tolerate it, said Drilon.twerk

He came short of threatening party members in the scandal kicked out of the LP.

The question is: Will he also kick out Roxas?

12115662_10153893130489453_4576811285686782631_nThat sort of lewd and exploitative gimmickry is not befitting and unacceptable of members of the Liberal Party, said a red-faced Drilon as the mischief exploded in social media in video posts that showed the skimpily-clad Playgirls imitating sex on the stage with a member of the audience.

The behavior of his partymates that included Roxas and senatorial bet Francis Tolentino was against the reformist principle of Tuwid na Daan which demands of members to be morally upright, said Drilon.


The LP_ will slap disciplinary action against those behind the lewd show, Drilon vowed.

 The Immoral and irresponsible public servants have no place in our ranks, said Drilon.

     Drilon said he would ask LP to conduct an investigation.

We will not let the good name of the LP be besmirched by this immoral behavior of party members, he said.

Having said that, Drilon has placed his honor and integrity as a respected leader of the administration party.

Let us see if he is serious about punishing his naughty boys!

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