THE DUTERTE PRESIDENCY: Aborting an orgasm



At around 11:30PM, Wednesday, October 14, I connected thru mobile phone with Bong Go, Mayor Rody’s executive assistant.

Mayor Rody has done a disappearing act since Monday after announcing in a press conference that he is not running for President.

Nobody knew where he was and everybody in Davao was still hoping that he would change his mind and still run for President  with deadline for COC submission still on October 16.

Bong Go told me he was with the mayor in Palawan.

And this is his message to me:

What Mayor Rody said on Monday is what will happen. No presidency.


Duterte gives self slim chance to run for president12108737_10201117052966518_1819869130654268350_n

I knew that I could be the only one who had talked with Bong Go at that moment and maybe since Mayor Rody  became inaccessible.

Even Mayor Rody’s propaganda bench appears to be in the dark about his whereabouts since Mayor Rody did a Houdini late Monday.

Shall I break the news about Mayor Rody not running for the presidency?

I thought it would steal away the suspense and excitement that surrounded Mayor Rody’s final plans which is being eagerly and excitedly awaited by Dabawenyos and millions of Pinoys rooting for Mayor Rody.

I could not abort the protracted and ongoing orgasm that titillated Mayor Rody’s fans.

So, I kept to myself my conversation  with Bong.

At around 2:30PM today, Oct. 15, Bong Go and city administrator Melchor Quitain appeared at the Comelec office in Davao City to file Mayor Rody’s COC.

The presidency has ended in an aborted orgasm.   

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