Binay to appoint Roxas as head of Department of Common Sense

smiley-gifOozing with confidence that Mar Roxas will eat dust in the 2016 presidential race, the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said the Liberal Party standard bearer will have a place in the administration of “President Jejomar Binay.”

ROXAS DATUWe will appoint Roxas as the head of the Department of Common Sense, said Mon Ilagan, spokesman of the UNA which is fielding Vice President Jejomar Binay in the race to Malacanang.

In his address before a recent gathering of executives from the electronics and semi-conductor industry, Roxas said he would  create the new department if he wins the presidency to cut red tape and corruption and spur economic growth.

Roxas, in jest, said the Department of Common Sense would help ensure the continuity of the Tuwid na Daan program of President Benigno Aquino, whom he served as Interior Secretary.

Roxas’ jest has grown into a full-blown joke in the UNA.

There is no such a thing as a Roxas common sense, said Ilagan citing Roxas record as Interior secretary.

But as head of the Department of Common Sense under the Binay administration, Roxas will develop a common sense that will be able  to find out why Aquino’s so-called Tuwid na Daan turned up to be Tuwad na Daan, said Ilagan.

We expect Roxas to improve his common sense as head of the department and tell us what really went wrong with the Aquino administration of which he was part of, he said with sarcasm.

 If he has common sense now, Ilagan said Roxas owes it to the people to reveal why he and Aquino failed to deliver in many aspects of governance.

Ilagan suggests that if he loses the presidential race, which is a “done thing,” Roxas should first apologize to the Filipino people before he can be accepted as head of the Department of Common sense by President Binay.

Roxas, he said, has to atone for his sins against the people, said Ilagan.

Roxas could look at his track record at the Department of Transportation and Communications, he said.

The public witnessed Roxas’ job as transportation czar of the Aquino Administration where his programs and policies are neither noteworthy common nor have any sense, said the UNA spokesman.

He said that the Aquino administration with Roxas as the pointman and the LP’s brand of politics resulted in many poor judgment calls.

In the case of the MRT, the lack of common sense is evidenced by the daily ordeal of commuters and motorists, and loss of lives and property.

The result of this failure of common sense: the daily kalbaryo of MRT commuters,” said Ilagan.

Lack of common sense was also shamelessly displayed in the case of super-typhoon Yolanda, according to Ilagan.

“Common sense will tell you that during a calamity, politics should be set aside in favor of aiding the victims. But what happened in Yolanda?” asked Ilagan.

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