Presidential bet Mar Roxas has dug his political grave deeper by saying he does not need the votes of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to clinch the 2016 presidential derby.

Roxas dished out the boast as Migrante, a militant group defending the rights of overseas workers, faulted the slow action by the administration of President Benigno Aquino against the bullet-planting (laglag-bala) syndicate which has been victimizing passengers, including OFWS, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and provincial airports.

Roxas said the victims, not government, should be faulted for bringing bullets into the airport.

Migrante earlier warned the group would not vote for Roxas, Aquino’s former Interior secretary and standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party.

Migrante and other groups have right to vote or not to vote for any candidate,  said Roxas, unfazed by the Migrante threat, in an interview  in Santiago City in Isabela Province on November 4.

Roxas is already facing rough waters in the race with his franchise over the bottom  of surveys for presidential preference.

Roxas has consistently been lording as cellar dweller in surveys of both the Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia, miles behind independent bet Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

The 2016 presidential race is a four-cornered fight between Binay, Poe, Roxas and Senator Miriam Santiago. A fifth contender, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not joining the derby despite strong public clamor.

Poe is not known to be involved in OFW concerns as a Senator and has yet to take a position on the laglag-bala issue.

Vice President Jejomar Binay greets Filipino repatriates who arrived from Syria on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, at the NAIA terminal 1.
Vice President Jejomar Binay greets Filipino repatriates who arrived from Syria on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, at the NAIA terminal 1.

Binay, on the other hand, has espoused the OFWs as a major concern as Vice President and took a direct hand in helping overseas workers in legal trouble.  

The vote-rich OFW sector was expected to matter in the coming polls, with Roxas earning the ire of the overseas workers, lauded as “modern-day heroes” by his boss, Aquino, for their contribution to the national economy.  

In what is seen as a fatal blunder, Roxas in the Santiago City interview   

defended the Aquino administration against public criticism over the laglag-bala controversy by blaming passengers caught by airport authorities with bullets in their luggage.

It is not the government’s problem if you are caught at the airport with contraband, he said.

Laglag-bala victims say airport personnel plant bullets in their bags in an extortion racket.

The public has criticized the Aquino government and airport authorities for not immediately addressing the scam that captured international attention and earned a bad image for the Philippines. Even the United Narions (UN) has issued an advisory to its personnel to guard against the racket that has sparked an investigation by Congress and  calls for the resignation of top Aquino officials including Transport secretary Jun Abaya.

26 thoughts on “MAR ROXAS: I DON’T NEED OFW VOTE”

  1. Asuming all the OFW’s including their family members and friends friends will not vote for Roxas… Then Mr. Roxas are you really sure you will become the Next President of the Philippines by loosing potentially more than 50% of the Philippine Population? 😅 You are so funny Dude! I guess you are one of the most Philippine Presidential Jokes of all time!


  2. LAGLAG BALA, did anyone at the airport ask themselves what must be that so important to any of the victim of this laglag bala that they would bring along with them such BALA? Now to be fair, to all passengers, you are fully aware of the inspection be done at the airport, then why should you still bring BALA? On such issue, the government must have to protect the rights of passengers who are victims of such laglag bala and also must protect the workers at the airport who are also performing their oath of duties and responsibilities by installing adequate video cam with wide/big screen to all corners of that inspection area and even to all corners of the airport so that the public would be a witness as to who are really the scalawags. Kung maraming camera at wide screen at maraming mga tao ang makakakita sa wide screen siguro mahuhuli na kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo. ETO LANG ANG TANGING PARAAN PARA MALUTAS ANG PROBLEMA NG LAGLAG BALA SA LAHAT NG PALIPARAN DITO SA PILIPINAS.


    1. Some only bringing bullets, the rest are planted! The government is responsible for this scam otherwise, u lose a vote this May! Until now, no one has been charged. I like Duterte coz I want them to be killed by death squad! Will see if these syndicate exists if DU30 will be our next President!


  3. roxas famous word….”BAHALA KAYO SA BUHAY NYO!” so pathetic he don’t need the bagong mga bayani votes bare that in your mind that OFW’s are the people who made this country still in running condition without them we are in chaos…no wonder the people don’t like you because of your arrogant behavior…now the the OFW’s will say unto you “BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO!”


  4. Mar Roxas… ‘wag ka masyado mka paka cgurado na mging president nag pinas sa totoo lng.. hlos nag you such wasting your time and money. but there is a question of our head where did you get the fun for your own candidacy making campaign. i don’t think that you have a lot of money. regarding about the ofw ( overseas filipino workers ) how rude and out of respect are you. .


  5. This is a black propaganda. No politician will say he\she don’t need votes from any group, organization, religion, ethnicity, lgbt, show business..,etc. Like Pacquiao Mar must be misquoted. I will vote for anyone except Binary.


  6. You dont need the OFW votes. What if we dont send Dollar from Philippines? Issue kay Duerte aboutbthe Rape Joke pinapalaki nyo samantalang ung nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa the one you called “Modern Heroes” sasabihan mo you dont need r Votes …Demanda ka kaya namin !!!


  7. Tingin may nanadya na may bala silng nkit at may bnyrn jan sa loob ng airport ng sa ganun mglit ang tao kay pinoy db yan nmn tlg gwain ng pilipino pagnkit nling umngt hihikain yan ng mga demonyo ,,,,at respect nmn po tau sa bwat tao ndi ung nagsasalt ng d mannda sa kpwa


  8. nagpapatawa ka Mar hindi mo kailangan⁉️
    bakit kamo? kc kahit bumoto kami ang iboboto namin c Do30 ang ginagawa mo pinapapalitan mo ang mga boto at pangalan mo ang ilalagay. kayo namang mga bayaran sunod sunuran. ayaw nyo ba ng pagbabago. gusto nyo sunod sunuran lng kayo na parang asong ulol na walang pinag aralan. cnayang nyo lng ang pagpapa aral ng mga magulang nyo sa inyo kung pabbayaran nyo lng pala ang dignidad nyo dahil sa pera nag mukh kayong di kagalang galang. kayo namang mga ℹ️nihalal para manungkulan sa bayan at kapwa isa naman pala kyong magnanakaw. nakakahiwa kayo may pinag aralan at mayaman pero di kagalang galng. ang kakapal ng mga pag mumukha ninyo. pinapalamon at ang pinang bubuhay nyo sa pamilya nyo galing sa nakaw. NaKaKaHiYa KAYO! get down and out of our way. hndi namin kayo kailangan. Do30 kami😀👊


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