mar-roxas-rappler-talk-20151104-023_8997C7B3B22340A7B1EEB0842074548EBus operators and bus drivers in MetroManila are planning to stage massive rallies against Mar Roxas who has threatened to terminate all bus franchises  if he becomes President in 2016.

“One of the things that we will be doing is to terminate all of these various franchises,” said Roxas on November 9 in the televised “Meet the Presidentiables” series of Go Negosyo.

Roxas was asked what he would do as President to resolve MetroManila’s traffic woes.

Roxas’ statement indicates an utter lack of common sense, said a source quoting a top officer of a bus company who asked that he not be identified.

He wants anonymity for fear of reprisal as he would be one of the organizers of the planned protest action against the standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino.

He said Roxas’ idea has stirred a hornets’ nest among bus operators and their drivers, and the transport sector including militant transport organizations.

Roxas’ lack of common sense betrays his ignorance of the economic implications of his idea on the transport sector and the public, said an officer of an association of bus operators, according to the same source. The officer also would not want to be named.

We cannot allow Roxas to make us a scapegoat or an excuse for the Aquino administration’s failure to address the traffic problems in Manila, he said.

In the program of Go Negosyo, a group of entrepreneurs, Roxas identified the root of MetroManila traffic woes: congestion and bus franchises.

Asked if he has the political will to carry out his plan once be becomes President, Roxas said, “ I’m saying it.”

Roxas apparently was aware his plan to terminate bus franchises will meet strong adverse reaction from the bus operators.

“I think one of your sponsors owns a bus franchise,” Roxas joked as the sound system broke down as he spoke about his plan in the Go Negosyo series held at the Manila Marco Polo Club.

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