After Poe, Binay is Malacanang’s next target

The opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) denied it has a hand in the disqualification of Senator Grace Poe by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

BINAY HONASANUNA standard bearer Vice President Jejomar Binay said  he is himself a target of the demolition job of the administration of President Benigno Aquino whose  ruling Liberal Party is fielding Mar Roxas in the  presidential race.

Senator Gringo Honasan, UNA vice presidential candidate, said “UNA is not in any position nor is it inclined to influence the deliberations, decisions and rulings of constitutionally mandated institutions.” 

The Second Division of the Comelec has voted 3-0 against Poe on a petition to disqualify her from running in the 2016 election.

Poe claimed her disqualification was influenced by her rivals, alluding to Roxas and Binay.

Poe’s presidential bid may expect more woes from Comelec.

The poll body’s First Division has yet to decide on three other disqualification cases filed against Poe that questioned her residency and citizenship qualification to run for President.

Earlier, the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) favored Poe in a 5-4 vote in a petition that sought to nullify her senatorial bid in the 2010 election which she topped. The ruling that backed Poe’s claim she is a natural-born Filipino citizen, a requirement under the Constitution for a candidate for President, cleared her way to the presidential run.

Poe’s victory at the SET however was short-lived with Comelec disqualifying her from running for President.    

The plan by the administration to eliminate other presidential aspirants is an old plot, Binay told media at the sideline of his
visit at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Laguna on December 3.

Binay’s claim of demolition job is shared by the Poe-allied Makabayan bloc of the House of Representatives which  said  that  the administration is eliminating other presidential candidates to ensure the victory of Roxas in next year’s elections.

The apprehension of the Makabayan bloc is likely. First it is Poe. I could be the next target, said Binay.

roxas 2Former University of the Philippines law professor Harry Roque had also expressed the same fear about the administration resorting to legal maneuvers to eliminate opposition candidates from the presidential race.

Honasan, in a statement read for him by UNA spokesman Mon Ilagan, said that as a matter of principle and as an accredited opposition party, UNA upholds and respects due process and the rule of law.

“UNA is not in any position nor is it inclined to influence the deliberations, decisions and rulings of constitutionally mandated institutions,” said Honasan.

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