Roxas and his SAF 44 amnesia

The man  on top of the situation when Moro rebels butchered 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao has a short memory.


Mar Roxas, then Interior Secretary who has direct control over the PNP, in his year-end statement detailing his accomplishment as an official of the administration of President Benigno Aquino, uncaringly, conveniently and purposely skipped mention of the January 25, 2015 tragedy.


Roxas could, at least, have reported on the progress of government efforts to seek justice for the victims and their relatives in the mass murder of what was to be the biggest single day loss in lives for the country’ police force.


The nation wept over the death of the Fallen 44; grief continues to haunt us until today. To remember them is the best offer we can give for their sacrifice.

Forgetting, not remembering, is how Roxas honors heroes. 

HAHAHARoxas’ memory loss could mean he simply does not care for the SAF 44 who offered their lives to protect people from terrorists, during his term as Interior Secretary.

Or he purposely stayed away from mentioning the tragic incident because he was partly to blame being then the top honcho of the PNP.

His more convenient reason which speaks much of the man’s ambition  is politics.

Roxas, unfortunately for the Filipinos, is the standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party of President Aquino in the 2016 election.

But don’t panic.

An inconsequential dot like Roxas in the 2016 presidential race, is an ant to be crushed to smithereens in the battle of elephants.  

Unless there is cheating in the polls, by the administration of course, Roxas cannot be assured with victory even with President Aquino’s blessing.

He has tons of obnoxious garbage on his shoulders that could overflow a dumpsite of public opinion to derail his trip to Malacanang..

His ho-hum performance as Interior secretary has already been judged with his low performance in surveys. Roxas has claimed a franchise over the bottom of surveys for presidential preference by both SWS and Pulse Asia.

About a hundred relatives of the SAF 44 painfully remember the tragedy with the face of Roxas in command with the lives of the fallen heroes in his hands.

But that is not only the sad highlight of Roxas on top of Interior.


Hundreds of thousands of victims of super typhoon Yolanda also remember Roxas as the fumbling secretary who mismanaged rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts.

The public anger at the Aquino administration – and Roxas – is as furious as the devastation brought by the strongest typhoon to hit the country, and will decide Roxas’ fate in the coming election.

Roxas, forgetting Mamasapano and Yolanda in his year-end performance report, spoke glowing of President Aquino and the Tuwid Na Daan program.

Bragging rights are universal so let us with suffering allow Roxas to blow his horn about his “performance” during the Aquino administration that he says should be his ticket to victory.

But then, all things being equal, we would also like to invoke our right not to publish what we believe are false claims, glamorizing lies being a mortal sin in the journalists’ code of ethics.

We let the voters decide on Roxas, assess him for what he is and let them search for his claimed  accomplishments in the universe of the void.

But, we should salute Roxas for his overflowing canine devotion to the Aquino administration and the energy with which he defends a governance that claims a Straight Path that is peppered with massive potholes vomiting graft and corruption.

Yolanda and Mamasapano, including his performance as Interior secretary, are deadly Swords of Damocles that has already cut his head to make his road to the presidency a path without direction.  

But his blind adherence to Aquino’s ‘Tuwid na Daan’ governance that he vows to continue if he is elected President, is the weapon of destruction that could completely obliterate Roxas’ dream to become the next President of the Philippines.

binay duterte poe roxas

This is because the more that he sells and lies about the truth about his and Aquino’s Tuwid na Daan, the more that Roxas digs deeper his political grave.

Which should be a cause for national jubilation.

The Philippines does not need a President who have no respect for its fallen heroes, who crumbles from stress during times of calamity and who have nothing to offer but the continuance of the Aquino government’s  Straight Path (Tuwid Na Daan) that has already been proven to be a Crooked Path (Tuwad Na Daan) paved with incompetence and graft and corruption.



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