The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay said Senator Antonio Trillanes needs a life jacket  to save himself from the ignominy of a last place finish in the vice presidential race in the coming May elections.

That life vest is Binay. Trillanes thinks by hitting Binay he gains points.

Calling Trillanes a ‘cellar dweller,’ Binay spokesman Joey Salgado said the Senator is bashing Binay over alleged corruption to boost his  ranking in the surveys.

According to Salgado, Trillanes  continues to hit at the Vice President because Binay’s numbers are rising in the surveys.

“We pity Senator Trillanes. Despite hogging the headlines and airwaves for more than a year, the voting public still does not believe him fit to become Vice President. But that probably speaks more of the intellect of the voters,” he added.

blue ribbon

Trillanes formed the trio of senators along with Senator Koko Pimentel and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano who acted as Binay’s ‘inquisitors’ in an inquiry conducted by the Senate Blue Ribbon  subcommittee last year over alleged corruption committed by Binay during his term as Makati City Mayor.

The probe by Senate on Binay’s alleged corruption was initiated by Trillanes.

In pre-poll surveys of the Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia, Trillanes, running as an independent, has consistently ruled the bottom in a field composed of Senator Chiz Escudero, Senator Bongbong Marcos, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Camarines Sur Congresswoman Leni Robredo and Senator Gringo Honasan.

Trillanes, a member of the Blue Ribbon subcommittee has said he is planning to propose resumption of the inquiry.

 Salgado dismissed Trillanes’ claim there is no politics in the revival of the Senate inquiry.

This is a fantastic claim that no one believes. Clearly, the senator merely wants to squeeze from the hearing whatever publicity it can provide him and his  campaign,” said Salgado in a statement.

Salgado deplored that Trillanes spent people’s  money in a futile attempt to achieve his dream to become vice president.


Salgado said Trillanes using funds for office consultants that included his brother came out with nothing against Binay after 24 hearings last year.

 “All we have heard from the hearings are lies and half-truths,” Salgado said adding that he was not surprised if the senator  misuses public money.

 Trillanes uses taxpayers’ money to pay his driver and house help so he sees nothing wrong if taxpayers would also pay for his political ambition, said Salgado.

As a candidate for the second highest position of the land, Salgado said Trillanes should stop hounding Binay and instead focus on pressing national issues like poverty, hunger and unemployment.


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