Scholar urges condemnation of  

Roxas proclamation as Datu Mar


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The proclamation of Roxas as “datu” by the Sultanate of Lanao has drawn the hackles of some Muslim leaders, who tagged Roxas as “anti-Muslim.”

“This is the height of impropriety!” wailed Norodin Lucman Alonto, who sees politics in the proclamation of Roxas.


Alonto, a scholar and peacekeeper who spent years as among prime movers in the quest for peace in Mindanao, in a post in his Facebook account, said: “I am a member of major Sultanates of Mindanao and Sulu and I am sworn to protect its dignity and honor.”

Alonto said the Sultanates of Mindanao should condemn the act of the Sultanate of Lanao for the enthronement as “datu” of Roxas whom he described as an “Islamophode.”

“I will never grant that title to a proven Islamophobe. The Sultanates must condemn this treachery against the dignity of our forebears, said Alonto, who is running for senator under the banner of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino (PDP) which has Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as standard bearer.

In his post, Alonto recalled a past incident wherein an honorary award was supposed to be given to the late then President Corazon Aquino. The conferment was aborted because it was not athorized by the Sultanates of Mindanao and Sulu.  

“I remember one event in Zamboanga City where Pres. Cory Aquino and I are scheduled to speak about peace in Mindanao. The DILG Usec (I forgot his name) gave me a text or part of my speech where I will proclaim Pres. Cory Aquino as Bai a Labi. I said “No.We don’t give away noble titles without the concurrence of the Sultanates of Mindanao and Sulu.” They were shocked including Sen. Drilon, another Islamophobe, who was there. So they have to change the speech of the president. Better shocked than me insulting my heritage, the last relic of our culture that defines our nationality which was never conquered by the Spaniards and Americans. Every Muslim this country is obligated to protect and nurture this spirit that we inherited from our brave past.”

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  2. I have nothing against administration candidate Mar Roxas but his proclaimation as datu or whatever title is a gross violation of who ever did the coronation against the Ijma and Tartib/customary adap laws of the Four Pangampong a Ranao, that is one reason why, i join Senatoriable Norodin Alonto Lucman on the condemnation of the occasion in its improptieteness and treachery in the Sultanate of Ranao, the perpetuation of the act done by some other sector/s with self interest and hidden agenda of individual or groups granting datuship or any moro title is beyond their authority. Let me remind everyone that any title under the moro customary adat laws in the Mindanao Sultanate particularly Ranao Royal Sultanate whether regular or honorary falls under the tartibs/rules remains under the authority of the 28 Ranao Royal Sultanate Legislative Assembly of which i am the official chairman declared and recognized by late Sultan Muliloda, Dimaporo of the Royal Sultante of Binidayan, general adviser and the 16 Royal Houses of the four pangampong a Ranao.

    The datuship or any title may or may not be granted in the guise of the rule which is the taritib is “omanan a lubatan” add or minus still remains under the authority of the above mentioned group of sultanates.

    Sultan Taha G. SARIP
    Sultan of the Royal Sultanate of Pualas
    Chairman, 28 Ranao Royal Sultanate Legislative Assembly


  3. The whole event was done at the wrong time, wrong place and for vastly questionable reasons. There was no closure on BBL, MOA AD, Mamasapano and Zamboanga Siege – traumatic events in the recent past that are attributed to Mar Roxas’ initiatives, real or imagined. The Bangsamoro people reacted adversely..


  4. Datu is the title for chiefs, sovereign princes, and monarchs in the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. Together with Lakan (Luzon), Apo in Central and Northern Luzon, Sultan and Rajah, they are titles used for native royalty, and are still currently used especially in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan.

    Does Mar deserve such title based on the nature and meaning of Datu?


  5. 😠 Sultan of What???
    This is the problem in the Philippines corrupted POLITICIANS!!
    I come from a bloodlines of Sultans and Datu from my father side from Lanao
    Del Sur , Datu and Salif from my mother side from Siasi Jolo Sulu.
    This is an insult to all Maranao and Muslim in Mindanao, you can not be a sultan by acquiring a titles. It is not acceptable 😟
    I don’t live in Philippines anymore but my bloodlines still on going, please I’m asking the highest Muslims leader to intervene regarding this matter. because this is totally unacceptable and disrespectful to my ancestors.. Although I don’t live anymore in Philippines but my bloodlines still on going..


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