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President Benigno Aquino’s ‘Tuwad na Daan’ program of governance is best exemplified in House Bill No. 5842 aka “Pension Hike Bill”  that would  provide a P2,000 increase in the monthly pension of Social Security System (SSS) retired members.

Racing in the last few months of his presidency to make his administration the worst and most hated in Philippine history, Aquino has vetoed HB 5842, which was approved by Congress after a long and meticulous study, as retired SSS pensioners grappled through the sunset of their life with a small pension in these days of high cost of living.

The Aquino veto is the worst case of callousness that could have been inflicted on the nation.

If the Aquino administration should be remembered, it should be enshrined for Tuwad na Daan (Crooked Path), the name pinned by administration critics on ‘Tuwid na Daan” (Straight Path), Aquino’s vaunted program of governance that has been severely assailed for lack of direction.

The directionless six-year voyage of Aquino’s Tuwad na Daan in a windless ocean of indecisiveness is in stark display in his flip-flopping on HB 5842—he strongly supported the measure as it was being tackled by Congress and then woefully and mercilessly shot the bill down with a  veto when it was up for signing by Malacanang.

Aquino’s tumbling act rightfully deserved the wide public criticism and condemnation for its lack of compassion and heart for the poor.

The President has lamely explained his veto would save the SSS from “dire financial consequences.”

The heart of governance beats with the plight of the downtrodden, the marginalized and the people who most need help.

Aquino’s excuse in vetoing the bill meant that he would rather come to the succor of a government agency whose finances had been mismanaged by officials fattened by unlimited perks, huge salaries and bonuses, than make life better for poor Filipinos winding up their last few days on earth.  

senior citizens 2

Aquino’s somersault crushed hopes of over 2 million senior citizens now living on measly monthly pension of P1,500 from the SSS.

Aquino is bowing out of office and he could not care even if tagged “anti-poor” for this treasonous act against the retirees. Tuwad na Daan has no conscience.

If Tuwid na Daan had no direction in whatever aspect of good governance that Aquino engaged in,   Aquino’s  latest act to veto HB 5842 is another hallmark of Tuwad na Daan.

It is without political direction.

Which should be good for the country and the Filipinos fed up with bureaucratic incompetence and corruption.

This is because Aquino’s anointed successor, Mar Roxas, the standard bearer of his Liberal Party in the May election, has vowed to continue Tuwid na Daan aka Tuwad na Daan as his program of government if he is voted into office in the May 2016 election.

Roxas, his doom already sealed by his blind allegiance to Aquino and his misplaced espousal of Tuwad na Daan, was also expected to suffer the backlash of this presidential nincompoopism on HB 5842.

The days of Tuwad na Daan is numbered.

Roxas may not need another blundering Aquino act to make his presidential bid a trip to nowhere aboard Tuwad na Daan.

binay duterte poe roxas

Already, at this point in time with the election a breath away and many thanks to his blinded belief that Aquino’s Tuwad na Daan could carry him to the presidency, Roxas is the President that the public wished they would not have.  

Roxas has consistently ranked poor in surveys, with both the Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia giving him franchise over the bottom of the surveys.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, standard bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), may be happy with Roxas’ political doom but he is also unhappy over the fate of the pension hike bill.

Binay said it was a waste of time that HB 5822, with Malacanang supporting it, would have to be studied for a long time and approved by Congress with the bill being shot down later with a veto by Aquino.

Nasaan ang Puso mo Aquino?

This is the unanswered question coming from the SSS pensioners as Aquino dashed their hope with the veto.

The answer will come with cruelty as cruel as how Aquino steered the nation to a directionless voyage during his six-year presidency, with a vote against his clone Roxas in the May election.

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