Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo  Duterte has dared planners of the rumored ‘Great Drug Raid’ to carry out their dirty tactics to discredit Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s successful campaign against illegal drugs.


Mayor Duterte is running for President in the coming election and has vowed if he wins to put an end to the illegal drugs industry. The mayor is well known for his iron-fist policy against criminalities especially drug dealing.

The ‘Great Drug Raid’ is supposed to be an anti-illegal drugs raid on a drug laboratory in Davao City.

Alleged to be a scheme of political rivals to shame Mayor Duterte and his campaign against criminalities, the raid would allegedly be carried out by Manila-based anti-drug operatives against a “planted” drug laboratory.

The operatives of the raid are said to be taking orders from political rivals of Mayor Duterte, a front runner in the presidential race in the May election.

If that is true, then that is good, because that is their job. Let them come over and arrest all big-time drug lords here, sarcastically said the vice mayor, the son of the Mayor Duterte.

The vice mayor said the raid would not affect Mayor Duterte’s presidential bid.

Former North Cotabato Governor Manny Piñol said a source from intelligence community  revealed to him the alleged planned raid that he said could be part of black propaganda hatched up by political rivals of  the Davao City mayor.

 The informant said that the raid is intended to destroy Duterte’s image as an anti-drug crusader by creating an impression that the Davao City Mayor is ‘involved’ in the drug trade himself, Piñol said. READ MOIRE

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