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EVIDENCE AGAINST THE VICE PRESIDENT. The folders of evidence Trillanes referred during the January 26 Senate hearing. Photo by Alex Nuevaespaña/Senate PRIB

The files of documents at the Senate that Senator Antonio Trillanes said are evidence of corruption against Vice President Jejomar Binay, are actually evidence submitted by the Vice President to the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-committee containing documents belying the allegations.

The files were part of a recently-released television ad of Binay. In the ad, Binay said the sub-committee dismissed all of his explanations and the documents he submitted. The piles of documents supposedly left untouched were flashed onscreen.

During the 25th and last hearing of the sub-committee on Tuesday, January 26, Senator Antonio Trillanes said Binay in the ad lied about the piles.

For everyone’s information, the folders shown by Vice President Binay which are now behind me are actually evidence against him. He didn’t submit them. We got these pieces of evidence against him and copies have been forwarded to the Ombudsman, said Binay in Pilipino.

Turning the tables on Trillanes, the Binay camp said it is the Senator not the Vice President who is lying about the piles of documents.

“The folders displayed by the senators were submitted by the city government to show cooperation with the Senate. It shows that all transactions and projects are transparent and in compliance with established rules and procedures. By their own admission, the senators did not read all the documents,” Binay spokesman Joey Salgado said in a statement published in Rappler.

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