BINAY CAMP: Trillanes a Cachupoy & Kenkoy


Senator Antonio Trillanes is the star comic of the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee in the investigation on alleged corruption committed by Vice President Jejomar Binay during his term as Makati City Mayor.

And he is dumb, also said the camp of Binay.

The Binay camp labeled Trillanes as the modern-day personification of two famous characters in Philippine movies and the comics.

He is a Cachupoy and Kenkoy, said JV Bautista, secretary general of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), the party fielding Binay in the presidential race in May 2016.

`(The late Cachupoy was one of the country’s top movie comedians in his time; Kenkoy is the star in the famous Kenkoy comic book of the same name published up to the 60s by writer Romualdo Ramos and   cartoonist and illustrator Tony Velasquez. “Kenkoy” has entered Pinoy language  to mean a joker or jester.)

Bautista, a lawyer, also called Trillanes “mangmang” (dumb).

This after Trillanes said that  Binay could be impeached if he wins the election based on the findings of the Senate panel.

What can you expect from Trillanes? He is “mangmang.” He is not a lawyer,” said Bautista in a radio interview with Dwiz.

According to legal experts, an impeachable government official cannot be impeached for impeachable violations committed prior to holding his present position.

In the same vein, Binay, sitting as vice president, cannot be impeached over the alleged corruption being probed by the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee  because it involves an act he allegedly committed while still Makati City mayor, according to legal experts Tranquil Salvador III, a defense lawyer in the impeachment case against former Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012; and former Integrated Bar of the Philippines national president Vicente Joyas. 

     Accordingly, if the alleged anomalous act cannot be used to impeach Binay as vice president it cannot also be used if Binay wins the presidency.

“It should be grounds arising out of or in connection with his present office,” said Salvador, who teaches law in Ateneo and UP.

blue ribbon 4

Bautista lashed at Trillanes after the senator, a member of the Blue ribbon sub-committee, claimed that the piles of documents seen in a television advertisement of Binay were evidence gathered by the Senate panel against alleged corruption of the Vice President.

The Blue Ribbon subcommittee on January 25 held its 25th and the last of the year-long hearings on the probe that Binay described as “demolition by perception” out to derail his presidential bid.

Bautista said Trillanes made a comedy of himself with his latest statement that the piles of documents were gathered by Blue Ribbon.

Trillanes knew that these are the documents sub-poenaed by the Blue Ribbon which were submitted by the Vice President to belie the allegations of corruption, said Bautista.





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