Opposition vice presidential candidate Senator Gringo Honasan hinted the recent attack ads targeting Vice President Jejomar Binay were handiwork of rivals.

He did not name names but said he was not surprised by the television ads that focused on allegations of corruption against presidential candidate Binay.

Honasan and Binay are running under the banner of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

“We don’t expect any admissions, but that’s part of the game,” Honasan said.

But he deplored that the ads “distracted the electorate from what should be an articulation of platforms and programs.”

roxas 2

Binay’s spokesperson for political affairs Rico Quicho the ads were part of black propaganda against Binay  of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) which is fielding Mar Roxas for President.

“This is a manifestation of the vain attempt to compensate the gross inefficiency and lack of empathy of the LP’s presidential candidate through inappropriate mudslinging against another candidate,” Quicho said.

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