The camp of Mar Roxas has launched a massive black propaganda campaign against Vice President Jejomar Binay to divert the public eye away from the failures of the administration of President Benigno Aquino.

The Binay camp said recently-aired three television ads attacking the Vice President were handiwork of the administration party which is fielding Mar Roxas for President in the May elections.

      “The apparent full-court press of the Liberal Party against the Vice President is a crude attempt to divert attention from (the Aquino administration’s)  utter failure to address poverty,” said Binay spokesperson Rico Quicho in a statement.

roxas aquino sss

Roxas is the presidential candidate of the ruling Liberal Party of Aquino, whom Roxas had served as Interior Secretary.

According to Binay’s camp, the smear ads were aimed to discredit the Vice President, the standard bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) who has been leading pre-poll surveys for President in the May elections.

 “This administration has failed to uplift the lives of the poor because of its ineptitude and incompetence. No sugar coating or diversionary tactics will cover up these glaring facts,” Quicho said.

binay duterte poe roxas

Public frustration over the Aquino administration has been reflected in the poor showing of Roxas, Aquino’s anointed candidate, in pre-poll surveys for presidential preference by both the Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia.

While Binay consistently topped the surveys, Roxas was the perennial bottom-dweller.

Binay has deplored as below-the-belt the latest political ads of Roxas which recently flooded tri-media including popular social networking sites.


Senator Nancy Binay said she expected the attacks against her father and the Binay family to intensify at the start of the campaign period next week.

The Senator urged people not to believe the negative political advertisements against her father.

 “I hope our people who saw those ads don’t believe in those kinds of smears,” she said.

She said it was not in the character of Filipinos to destroy others adding that the Binay camp has been consistent in relaying the Vice President’s message on how to help people and has never engaged in negative campaigning.

The camps of other presidential candidate have also lambasted Roxas for his television political ads.

duterte poe

In one ad, Roxas said he is not a “siga-siga” (bully) alluding to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Senator Grace Poe also hit Roxas for dragging her family in an ad of the Liberal Party bet.

The smear ads against the Vice President focused on allegations of corruption leveled against Binay, picking up issues raised at the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee which for nearly two years conducted 25 hearings on the allegations said to have been committed by Binay when he was the mayor of Makati City.

Binay has refused to attend the hearings saying that the Senate probe was part of “demolition by perception” designed to discredit his presidential bid.

Binay had said that he would rather face the charges in court than in the Senate subcommittee that he said was peopled by Senators out to boost their political stock at his expense.

The “black propaganda” heaped by Roxas camp against Binay, which drew negative reactions from the public, consisted of three 15-second ads.

Every video features a person asking Binay to respond to the accusations of unexplained wealth being thrown at him.

One of the videos focused on the 242 bank accounts that the Anti-Money Laundering Council said belong to Binay, his relatives, and his supposed “dummies.”

[Sir] Binay, loyalista niyo po ako, kaso lang medyo nababahala po ako dahil sa kumakalat na balitang may 242 bank accounts daw po kayo sa pangalan ng mga dummy at umabot po ito ng P11 billion. Pakisagot na lang po ‘yung alegasyon kasi medyo mabigat po ito.”

(Sir Binay, I am one of your loyalists, but I’m a little bothered by news that you have 242 bank accounts with around P11 billion under the names of dummies. Please answer it because it’s a rather serious allegation.)

The second ad features a woman hoping Binay would finally present concrete evidence that he is not the owner of Hacienda Binay, the 350-hectare farm in Rosario, Batangas, estimated at a value of P1.2 billion. (READ: Mrs Binay’s taste? ‘Kew Gardens, aircon piggery)

Sir Binay, binoto kita at hanga ako sa ’yo. Pero boss, kailangang sagutin ang tanong: sa inyo ba o hindi ‘yung 350-hectare na ‘Hacienda Binay?’ Ang dami nilang ebidensiya. Kailangan maglabas na rin tayo ng atin.

(Sir Binay, I voted for you and I admire you. But boss, you need to answer this question: do you own the 350-hectare “Hacienda Binay?” They presented a lot of evidence. We have to release ours as well.)

The last video is about the alleged overpricing of the Makati city hall parking building II. The Ombudsman found probable cause to file criminal charges against Binay, his son,dismissed Makati mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr, and other Makati city hall officials over the project.

Boss Binay, binoto kita at supporter mo ako. Dapat sagutin natin ang report ng COA (Commission on Audit). Ang report ay overpriced ng P1 billion ang Makati parking building. Dapat patunayan natin na ‘di ka kurakot,” a man in the ad said.

(Boss Binay, I voted for you and I am your supporter. We have to answer the COA report. The report said the Makati parking building is overpriced by P1 billion. We have to prove you’re not corrupt.)

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