Broadcaster and TV personality Korina Sanchez is giving out checks and farm equipment during events of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

She is a private person and not an official of the government agency  but why is she given that special privilege?

Because Sanchez is the wife of Mar Roxas, standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino.

Peter Laviña, spokesperson of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, said Sanchez and Roxas, now a private person having resigned as Aquino’s Interior secretary, led with DA officials the distribution of some P611-million worth of agriculture funds and equipment in Tagum City on Saturday, March 5.

KMP: “Imeldific & trapo “

Sanchez was also a central figure in similar DA events in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato and Mexico, Pampanga.

korina 3

“Is Korina employed by the DA? Why is she the one giving the checks to the farmers?” Laviña asked, adding that if so, her being employed by the DA was “clearly a conflict of interest.”

Personally handing out cash and farm equipment to farmers is also a form of bribery and vote-buying to influence voters to support her husband, he said.

Laviña earlier also lambasted Roxas for “bribing” barangay officials with promises of billions of pesos worth of projects if he is elected President in the May elections.

“Korina is now an accomplice in a systematic shameless act that conditions the electorate to accept doles in exchange for votes,” said Laviña.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala apparently condones the bribery.

 Alcala said he sees nothing wrong with  Sanchez distributing cash and implements, because Roxas was being endorsed by the national government.

Laviña said Sanchez’s acts showed a pattern of “creative vote-buying,” which local DA officials had questioned.

“These local DA officials could not openly oppose Sanchez’s presence, but they’re questioning it because they’re accountable to the (Commission on Audit) for the allocation (of funds distributed during the DA event,)” he said.

Laviña said the public should be reminded of the DA’s involvement in the pork barrel scam allegedly perpetrated led by Janet Lim-Napoles.

“The DA was also used as a conduit for the kickbacks of Napoles and of some lawmakers.  This should not happen again,” the Duterte spokesperson added. From a report by Inquirer Mindanao


  1. Duterte is the man who gets things done. He is the best leader for the Country in the next six years. I urged filipinos to vote for him as his three-pronged platform of a 24/7 war against crime and drugs, inclusive economy through the adoption of federal system of government, and equality under the law is precisely what is needed for the country to move forward.

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