SC’s ruling on Poe could create ‘chaos’


PRESIDENTIAL aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has warned that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn twin rulings by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) canceling Sen. Grace Poe’s certificate of candidacy would create a “chaotic condition” for the 2016 polls.

Duterte said the SC ruling set aside the requirement of the Constitution that candidates for President must be natural-born Filipino citizens.

Poe’s critics said that because she is a foundling, the citizenship of her parents remain a mystery, thus there are doubts about her being a “natural-born” Filipino.

A lawyer who had served as prosecutor before becoming Davao City mayor, Duterte said the SC decision goes against law-school lessons.

disqualification poe“I respect it, but I don’t agree with it kasi maski magtanong ka sa kahit sinong abugado, isang semestro ‘yan, political law, kabaliktaran sa lahat ng sinasabi ng mga professors [Even if you ask any lawyer, we took political law for one semester, and the decision is the opposite of what the professors taught us],” he explained. READ MORE 

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