War drums are being banged as supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte denounce results of poll surveys consistently showing the Mindanaoan presidential candidate behind the other contenders.


The frustration is loudest in Mindanao bordering on warnings of rebellion.

standardTaking to social media to warn of island-wide revolution against the saboteurs and the Manila government, Duterte supporters flooding Facebook with comments said the pre-poll surveys were manipulated to favor other candidates in the May 2016 elections.



The warning is not new.

In a show of force, Mindanao political leaders earlier warned a split with the central government is inevitable if Duterte is cheated and does not win the May 2016 elections.

But will a Mindanao revolution have enough punch to shock Manila?

The firepower could just be sitting in the corner awaiting marching orders. Mindanaoans – Christians, Muslims and lumads – would love to see their umbilical cord cut from Manila.

roxas aquino sssThe administration of President Benigno Aquino will be leaving in June with a legacy bereft of concern for peace in Mindanao.

The proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), seen as a solution to the Moro problem, has been thrown to the backburner.

Malacanang has closed the door to talks with the leftist National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP), whose armed wing New People’s Army (NPA) has a heavy presence in many areas of Mindanao.  

The Moro problem and the communist insurgency in Mindanao are monkeys riding on the back of the Philippine government for decades.

No President has solved the chaos and violence that have killed thousands of lives, displaced millions and hindered the growth of the southern island.

Duterte has emerged to be the knight in shining armor who could help realize the Mindanaoans’ hope for peace and progress considered inconsequential concerns, through their incompetence and simple lack of  heart for the people of Mindanao, by those in power in Malacanang and Congress.

Duterte, a leading figure in the search for peace in troubled Mindanao, has the support of the Moro rebel groups Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the communist rebels. Christian settlers and lumads have also rallied behind the Duterte presidency.

Duterte has also gained wide adherents to his advocacy for a shift from the present presidential to a federal-type of government.

Federalism would provide regional governments with greater powers including bigger share from taxes and revenue from natural resources.

Mindanao and other provinces, for years at the bottom of the priority list of the centrist Manila government, have shown support to Duterte’s advocacy for federalism that he said he would pursue if elected President.

Federalism, as espoused by Duterte, could be the answer to the Moro and the communist insurgency problems in Mindanao.

Mindanaoans are edgy over suspicion the Duterte presidency would be sabotaged because their future is at stake in the coming election.

Today Mindanaoans love federalism as they hate the dreadful prospect of not seeing Duterte not winning the presidency.

DOGONG SCIn a political forum recently, Duterte urging support for his presidential bid said he is the ‘last card’ of the Filipinos to save the country from perdition.

Amid widespread suspicion that Duterte’s impending presidency is being derailed by saboteurs including operators of pre-poll surveys, will revolution be the Mindanaoans’ last card to save Mindanao?  





  1. Count me in.Mindanao will secede from imperial manila,should Duterte be cheated in May elections.These surveys are made to preconditioned the minds of our people.But ,as citizens we know what’s happening on the ground.People are clamoring for change…the huge crowd,the enthusiasm wherever Duterte goes”as they say like a rockstar “,the social media.These are undeniable proofs that Duterte is unstoppable.

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    1. You people floating this rebellion issue on Duterte’s candidacy if cheated is not at all helping him win!!?? Mas mttkot s inyo yung mkbsa ng mga utak pulbura nyo eh!!?? Maanong mnhimik n lng kyo dyn, kesa magyybng ng gyera??!! Kyo ang mga klase ng tao n nagpagulo p lalo s magulo n nting bansa!! Manahimik kayo hah,mga letse kyo ??!! Sa hlip tumulong kyo n manalo si Digoy sa election n ito!!


      1. tarantado ka reynante sagragao..lahat ng bansa bago nagging tahimik at maunlad nagkaroon ng malawak na rebolusyon..habang nanahimik habang ginagawa sa harap ng pagmumukha mo ang panloloko at garapalang pagppahirap sa masang Pilipino mananatili tayong basahan.at alipin ng mga uhaw at ganid sa salapi at kapangyarihan ng corrupt na mga politico..kaya lagi tayong tinatarantado ng mga p#$%*nang mga corrupt na pilitikong yan dahil sa katuwiran mo..

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      2. You cannot stop people from massing up when corruption was very rampant and election fraud was very clear. Take for example the 9-6 votes by SC which was really 7-5-3. They disregard all proof versus Poe. Even her citizenship was in big question and the big fat lies she said. 5 of the 7 who voted in favor of Poe announce they won’t be bias and will vote for Poe BEFORE the hearings. They judged based on how they feel and not on how the rule says which contradicts all previous disqualification cases on other candidates who have questionable citizenship. LP is also rampant on using government resources just to boost Mar and Leni’s rotting support. You can always see government plate vehicles being used for Mar and Leni campaigns. City/Municipality funds was also being used to build/print campaign materials for these two and the President left his duties to make sure that his candidate Mar wins or his secret candidate Poe wins.

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      3. Why not post a picture, so we see traitors not hiding in art – you traitors are the ruins of the country! But no worry we can wait, a little bit more hunger and will come a war. Manila will feel the wrath of the provinces it enslave. We will cut you off with no food and supply from the rest of the nation. We have the resources. You dont. You will eat the concrete you built from the back of the provinces. Don’t bolster your money and wealth. When it begun everything shuts down, even the money system shuts down.
        We have been planning to return you the favor of our slavery for a long time and how we will tear your imperial city and your imperial people to the ground. Who said were preparing for an election – election we do not trust and always robbed – we are preparing for war! Your children will not even survive hunger. Ours are trained to survive, they know how to fight, they know how to farm and we have the lands. All we have to do is to contain you and wilt you. We don’t respect your national imperial government, the government that killed the nation and tore the constitution – thankS to the Supreme Court. We only go for Duterte to give peace a chance under federalism, but if not we will declare our separation from the central government. But we will burn all that this corrupt government ever represent – with all their supporters on it!


    2. for me this is not a good news! smile emoticon survey is not an election, there are few people has been asked. The survey will not dectate the final result of the election, just wait for the election and then if there’s a cheating happened, I think that might validate their rebellion but still it will not justify unrightheous action. Peace is the number 1 concern for all, and I think our candidate don’t want to disturb that peace, even him, don’t mind the result of the survey. He always say that after all, at the time of the election, the people will realize that he will be the last and the key card to change this country.. and I believe on him #dutertecayetano2016

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    1. Dli musugot ang tga manila ug malain tang tga mindanao kay food basket of d country ang mindanao saon nlng wanay magsupply nilag pagkaon mangamatay sila. Gasalig lang na sila sa atoang abot unya wna pod silay ma titi nga maurakot kay ang mindanao pod ang dakog contribution sa tax.. Mga atay ning imperial nga manila. Ako sugot jud ko ba mag lain tag atoa ngano ba diay.. Hadlok n sila kay magamayan ang ilang makilkil..


  2. These are vivid signs of things to come, and this should not be taken lightly even now, in the early stage of our fight against bureaucracy and political clans who take turns fooling us and stealing our natural resources and our rights as Filipino people. They think we are that low, like mindless animals, that cannot do anything about it. And since these heartless people will not give up their place on their throne, I can see it is imminent that there will be turmoil before equilibrium. Just as God freed his people from slavery in the hands of the Egyptians, so will he free his people now, the Filipinos.

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  3. Ang pag takbo ni DU30 ay para sa kapakanan ng lahat sa inang bansang pilipinas. Walang ibang hangad si du30 kundi tayo ay mag kaisa,kapayapa-an, trabaho,edukasyon, economic at umunlad ang bansang ito.
    Suport Duterte 2016 Election.

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  4. If matalo c digong sa national cguro ra naman manalo xa sa int’l voters sa OFW. Ipag laban ang katuparan sa tunay na pagbabago. Mabuhay ang nkikibaka para kinabukasan ng ating lahi…. sana lahat ng filipimo mag kaisa. …. d lang to labab ni Duterte kon laban natin lahat mmmayang filipino ‘Maharlika.

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  5. No other candidate has mentioned Nation Building. As a student in International Relations, we acknowledge the Philippines government immaturity. We, do not like to be immature forever, if we can be an instrument for my countries’ maturity, then let it be.


  6. Count me in also….rampant poll cheating will derail this election. I could see signs first POE was given go signal by SC even though she violated ghe constitution with regards to number of years in resieency and second manipulated survey . Conditioning the minds of the Filipino people that she is winable and even thought poe resorts to” dagdag “bawas” the people will not notice it!

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  7. Let the OUR voices be heard…WE Mindanaos deserve much better…if imperial manila would do it ( I’m already expecting it though ) … Well, WE will secede to this rotten country…WE will form the Federated Republic of Mindanao… and before our fellow mindanaons leave to go home on our Fatherland, WE would have our brethrens who live in Manila rip the 3rd Star on that GODFORSAKEN flag …

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  8. Tang Ina nyo rin taga Luzon! Alam nyo na niloloko Lang kayo ng mga politiko doon pa rin kayo! Di umaasenso ang Pilipinas Dahil sa kabobohan nyo dyan! Yumayaman lng ang mga politiko dyan! Mag isip kayo! Talagang Di titigil ang gulo sa Pilipinas dahil pinopondohan ng gobyerno ang gulo dito sa Mindanao!

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  9. Pagod na rin kami sa gulo dito sa Mindanao! Kaya pagod na rin kami sa mga politiko na sarili Lang iniisip! Federalismo ang solusyon si DIGONG ang Solusyon! Si Poe, Binay at Roxas mga maka sarili. Si DIGONG sariling bayan ang iniisip.

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  10. Sabi ni Duterte NO to contractual sa mangagawa..kaya iboboto ko siya
    dahil ang mga local agency,,kinakaltasan nila ng hindi na sa batas ang mga mangagawa
    minsan sina sadya nilang hindi hulugan ng SSS/PAG-IBIG/PHIL HEALTH,,,

    Lahat ng problema ng Kumpanya,,sina charge nila sa consumer..kaya nagugulat kanalng
    taas sila ng taas rason dito rason doon, walang kinatatakutan..I GO FOR DUTERTE..ng mabawasan ng mga demonyong magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan

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    1. tama ka mataas ang singil ng koryenti tubig sa amin may minimom pa sa leyte 120 pisos kada buwan minimom kong wala kang pambayad dahil kolang lang sa pambili ng bigas wala talaga ang pilipinas kawawang kawawa tayo dahil sa mga korop na mga yan kaya mgakaisa tayong lahat pilipino

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  11. i for one is from manila and voting for doterte… people don’t be harsh saying people from manila are all sticking up for the corrupt politicians na akala mo istupido… just so you guys know many here from manila loves duterte…silently accepting money from the corrupts but when asked always answers “nmimigay ng pera aba edi tanggapin, di nmn nila mlalaman n s botohan c doterte boboto ko eh”…

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  12. Sana magkaisa tayong mga pilipino dahil din sa ating kapakanan ang lahat ang mga ofw ay lahat sumuporta kay duterte kay di puedeng dayaan yan dahil hindi lanh sa minadanao mangyayari ang rebolution visayas at luzon din dahil kahit saan c duterte pumupunta ay maraming mga suporter kaya kailangan natin magkaisang pilipino para sa ikakaunlad nang bayan.

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  13. Kaya kyong mga tga luzon ang gustong tumira s mindanaw lipat n kyo, dhl maghiwalay n kmi s imperial manila govt.lht n presidente ang luzon lng ang knlng priority s pag unlad ang mindanao ay pinag iwanan n s pag unlad.

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  14. Yes, we have our very own human weaknesses…and everybody is entitled to do what ever they want to do… cry out loud any ills and ailments should one be hurt…express their own fears and suspicions…but everybody deserve peace and honesty out of the nerve wrecking situations…Hope is there to give us a proper perspective in life…Faith is there and should be the foundation of Hope…though how murky and dark the roads leading us to…lets not forget of what we are fighting for…freedom from all of the obstacles that hinder peace and development…in so doing I HAVE FAITH in the FILIPINO people that they will NOT jeopardies their future with weakling leaders…they will vote for the Leader that will deliver them from the cancers of the society…cheating will never prosper this time…nor will we need to revolt against the culprits…God is sovereign…let us UNITE and PRAY for deliverance…yes, we have our share of discontentment and discouragements about our system…be the tool and the answer for True CHANGE…be the new breed of Filipinos that would deliver this country to its pedestal of CHANGE…

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  15. Secede?!?!!! Nabubuang na ba ang mga taga-Mindanao? Pakitignan nyo nga ang GDP by region at Tax collection by region, 50 % of taxes galing sa NCR, kung isama buong Luzon, 70% ng taxes sa buong Pilipinas. Ibig sabihin, sa bawat P10 sweldo ng mga guro, nurse, pulis at mga civil servants sa Mindanao, P7 galing sa balikat ng nagbubuwis sa Luzon. Ang IRA nyo dyan? 70% galing sa buwis ng taga-Luzon. Mga kalsada at iba pang government projects? P70% galing sa buwis namin taga-Luzon. May naririnig ba kayo samin? Wala, mababait naman kami!!! Isipin nyo nga, yung mga expressway na pinagawa sa Luzon ay di galing sa buwis (para di makabigat sa inyo), kung sino gagamit, sya magbabayad ng toll fee. Mga kalsada, eskwelahan at iba pa P70% galing sa pawis ng taga-Luzon, may gana pa kayong magreklamo at nagbabantang humiwalay. Hindi nyo ba nai-isip na magkakahirap-hirap kayo lalo sa kagaguhan ni dudirty?


  16. Eh Di Ituloy nyo lang ang sinasabi ninyong Rebolusiyon… Sino bang Tina.Takot nyo… Kayo din ang magugulo at madidisgrasiya… Ano Akala ninyo Walang “Collateral Damage”… Sino ngayon ” bobo”. . . ha Du30 fans


  17. Survey is the conditioning of cheating, so that dagdag bawas will be of the same the result of the surveys. This is why I support Federalism or war. Because this imperial government of Manila to which much of these Presidentiables comes from sucks the wealth and the taxes of the provinces like a parasite and use it against us. Why trust elections? Haven’t we learn for decades what election does? Are that fool not to learn that election is not a representation of our will but the the result of massive cheating. Seel8ng, and robbery. If you want this nation fixed, pick up a weapon, and train for war!


  18. Im from Mindanao and I lived in Mindanao,,if some people in Mindanao will declare rebellion..I would fight against them.. I am a Nationalist,,and there should be one Republic.. by the way,, I am a member of the Uniformed Service,,and I am ready,, no to DIgong!


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