Police to help agricultural plantations to stop NPA harassment



The Philippine National Police has offered agricultural plantations, mining industries and other big businesses in Mindanao a win-win solution to stop the harassment of the National People’s Army (NPA), who has stepped up attacks against various industries in Mindanao.

In a meeting between the PNP’s Directorate for Integrated Police Operations (DIPO) in Western and Eastern Mindanao and the private security forces of the industries, the PNP introduced a scheme known as Adopt Your Police Station Program which will deploy adequate police forces in areas threatened by the rebels.

pbgea 4Police Senior Superintendent Daniel G. Macatlang, Jr., of DIPO-Western Mindanao explained the scheme as a cooperation between the PNP and businesses in solving the atrocities committed against the plantations and other businesses in Mindanao.

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2 responses to “Police to help agricultural plantations to stop NPA harassment

  1. The police really have to act on the crimes committed to the industries and to people because if they just sit around doing nothing, these industries can easily pack up and leave for friendlier countries to do their business with. Hindi lang naman Pilipinas ang may lupa. And if that happens, now what? Millions of Mindanao workers will lose their jobs and source of livelihood. Mas mahirap ang buhay, mas maraming krimen.


  2. Hopefully this Adopt Your Police Station Program can help secure the plantations. The industry is already facing different challenges that may affect our share to the global market.


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