Roxas and Corruption: Campaign Planes, Election Spending, Mining Interests and Lumad Rights

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Election Spending Caps

The Manila Times reported that Roxas spent ₱774 million from January to December 2015 on TV, radio, and newspaper ads. The Philippine Star even reported that Roxas has the money to pay for Anti-Binay ads.

Roxas SALN vis-a-vis Election Spending Spree

Amid the over-spending allegations, YACAP Party-list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez  and Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, were quick to defend Roxas. They said Roxas “used his own money”.
Roxas 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) indicates a net worth of ₱ 202 million, according to the Inquirer. No other details were made public about his 2014 SALN declaration.

Roxas and the Mining Industry

A closer look at Roxas’ 2012 SALN shows that Roxas has a personal interest in the mining sector. His stockholdings, officially amounting to ₱ 120 million, include shares in seven mining companies, namely:


Roxas and his Campaign Planes

Bondoc of the Philippine Star reported Friday that private Cessna planes Roxas uses for his campaign sorties are wrapped in various anomalies. The aircraft are registered under Air Juan Aviation Inc., owned by a certain Francis Eric Gutierrez. These planes are also used to fly VP candidate Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party (LP) senatorial lineup..


Small-scale permit, large-scale mining

A decade or so ago, environmental non-profit Caraga Watch formally sued SRMI for vastly exceeding its extraction limits, causing massive environmental damage.

A simple Google satellite image shows the extent of SRMI’s over-extraction and its effects on the otherwise pristine Tubay environment:


PNoy and Mining

Since 2010, the PNoy’s LP administration did nothing to contain SRMI, despite incessant calls from genuine indigenous peoples’ groups.

For example, MGB reported that for the year 2014, SRMI paid ₱45.3 million in royalties to Tubay’s Lumads, representing 1% of SRMI’s total mining review for that fiscal year. That is, SRMI 2014 revenues from their Tubay site were at ₱4.53 billion. The 2014 market rate was US$ 41 per ton.


Without batting an eye lash, Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas has admitted his friendship with a billionaire miner, who had been investigated for illegal mining operation involving P28 billion worth of nickel ore. Eric Gutierrez is my friend, what’s wrong with that, said Roxas as Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte revealed that the billionaire miner and his business partner, Caloocan City  Representative Edgar Erice,  are bankrolling the campaign of Roxas.

Future of Mining in a Roxas Presidency

The story of Gutierrez’s SRMI is just a glimpse at how cozy the LP’s relations are with mining companies. Add the fact that LP’s Roxas is a shareholder in at least 7 mining companies, the future seems brighter in a Roxas presidency for SRMI and friends.

How exactly will a Roxas presidency benefit SRMI and friends?


Roxas and Corruption: Campaign Planes, Election Spending, Mining Interests and Lumad Rights



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