suaybaguio cartoon

Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio could be hobbled by his age and health placed into severe test by the rigors of a political campaign.

Or Suaybafuio, running for Davao del Norte governor, could be avoiding the embarrassment of speaking in the political rallies before a motley crowd.

Suaybaguio, who is challenging Congressman Anthony del Rosario in the gubernatorial race, has been skipping political rallies scheduled for him by his political handlers.

His absence in the rallies has gone worse, xreating a habit among people automatically avoiding attendance, despite widespread announcement by Suaybafuio’s camp, precisely for the reason that the vice governor would not, in anyway, attend the rally.

Instead of him appearing in the rallies to speak on his political platform, Suaybaguio has been sending his “speakers’ bureau.”

The speakers bureau is composed of employees of the Office of the Vice Governor, who violate the Code of Ethics for Government Employees on political partisanship.

With his bid crashing this early, reportedly not one Dabaonon has volunteered to join the speakers’ bureau and Suaybaguio has resorted to putting on stage his immediate relatives.

It has been noted lately that Suaybaguio has been avoiding the political rallies because of sparse crowds triggered by the vice governor’s non-presence in the rallies.

Suaybaguio, an independent bet who claimed support of the PDP/Laban of presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is not only fighting an uphill battle against the young del Rosario. The PDP/Laban has denied its supporting Suaybaguio.

jokeningEarly into the campaign, Dabaonons already sentenced as a futile effort – a crazy Don Quixote fighting a windmill–  Suaybaguio’s attempt against the younger del Rosario, son of outgoing Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, who is backed by the politically-powerful Floirendo-Del Rosario machinery.

agr baby

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