The truth about the Aquino puppet Robredo

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The truth about the Aquino puppet Robredo


The last life vest available for adherents of Tuwad na Daan (Crooked Path) — the former unlamented Tuwid na Daan (Straight Path)  of outgoing President Benigno Aquino — is administration Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential bet CamSur Rep. Leni Robredo.


Robredo is a puppet on a string offered as a sacrificial lamb to save Aquino and his minions from coming charges of massive graft and corruption and gross incompetence.   

With the campaign of its standard bearer Mar Roxas already crashing days before E-Day on May 9, the LP is on crisis mode, is no longer focused on saving Toto Mar, who has won a permanent franchise over the third or fourth spot in surveys for presidential preference by the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia.

binay duterte poe roxas

With the Roxas presidency doomed along with Korina Sanchez’s dream to be First Lady, the LP focus now is  on how to make Robredo,  Toto Mar’s running mate, win.

Robredo has to win as the next vice president, as insurance against the tsunami of karmas that would rain on Aquino and his minions after the dust of the May elections would have settled down.

The alarm bells for Aquino, his Cabinet and LP members are sounding off an eerie post-election scenario: charges of graft and plunder, grand thievery and incompetence against the Tuwad na Daan promoters.

There is no vengeance here; only making people answer for their sins to the nation.

roxas-debateThe post-election firing range is a colorful mix of shooting ducks: Aquino as the president who should not have been one;  Roxas and his incompetence as ex-Interior secretary; Budget sec Butch Abad as the engineer of the illegal and anomalous Disbursement Acceleration Program and other equally anomalous billion-pesos Tuwad na Daan programs and projects; Jun Abaya and the MRT scam; Jess Singson for malodorous public works; Dinky Aoliman for rotten Yolanda relief aid and missing social welfare funds; LP legislators fattened by PDAF and scam quees Napoles and other Aquino minions who voraciously lived off corruption in the present administration.

Right now, Aquino and his Tuwad na Daan minions could be prepping up for the saddest part of their political life: packing up their bags to give way to a new administration —  a thousand and one percent reality with the Roxas presidency as dead as a dodo.

With Rodrigo Duterte of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Laban (PDP/Laban) leading his rivals with a wide margin in recent surveys, a Duterte presidency is but a breath away.

The vigilant public has its eyes on cheating that could change the tide of the looming Duterte presidency.

Duterte has vowed that if elected President the biggest cannon of his administration would be fired at massive graft and corruption in government. We leave it to you to imagine the scene of the bloody massacre.

This early the exit door for Aquino and the LP is already wide open. There should be a salvation road in wake of Duterte’s vow to go after the grafters and the corrupt.

There should be a comfort zone, who is Robredo, for Aquino and his minions when the guns start firing.

And so Aquino and his LP, with the Roxas presidency in a state of premature doom, are now less concerned about Toto Mar’s fate.

Toto Mar’s debacle in the presidential race, after all, is already written on the wall.

Before and all along through the campaign period, Toto Mar was dogged by nightmares: Yolanda, SAF 44, MRT & LRT, Tuwad na Daan, etc., etc. And Korina!

davao-city-mayor-rodrigo-duterte.jpg_0Toto Mar’s word war with Duterte is a classic example of a fumbling “idiot, stupid and crazy” presidential wannabe tangling with somebody who has the grit and brawn fit to be president.

The LP leadership apparently was confident early on that Toto Mar would win the race. They also thought that Toto Mar’s over-zealous defense and his vow to continue the program of Aquino’s Tuwad na Daan was his ticket to presidential stardom.

STUPID IDIOT CRAZYAlas and alack! Tuwad na Daan turned out to be the nail that sealed Toto Mar’s political doom.

Blind and out of touch of reality, Toto Mar and his  handlers failed to see red flags: that Tuwad na Daan in the public eye has become the flagship symbol of the incompetence of the Aquino administration.

The more that Toto Mar talked about Tuwad na Daan, the more that he earned public disdain and ridicule.

Who would vote a president who promises a governance that stands on the platform of a tested and proven incompetence and corruption like Aquino’s Tuwad na Daan?

But back to Robredo.

With the Roxas presidency rolling in mud in the garbage drain, there has to be a life saver. And so the LP decided to forget Roxas and focus its energy on Robredo.

Several days to E-Day, the LP hand is seen in rigged surveys that showed Robredo miraculously shooting up in the ratings game to overtake Senator Bongbong Marcos and Senator Chiz Escudero in the latest vice presidential survey.

bam-aquinoThe Aquino administration, for its part, is pouring all its energy and resources to make Robredo win. And did we notice that Robredo has been campaigning of late without Toto Mar? This is an apparent strategy to avoid Robredo being dragged down by Toto Mar.

Aquino and the LP’s stake on Robredo is high. The puppet Robredo is their life saver.

Duterte has vowed that if elected President the biggest cannon of his administration would be fired at massive graft and corruption in government. Again, we leave it to you to imagine the scene of the bloody massacre.

So against this judicial extermination of the administration  of the enemies of the people and thieves of public money, Aquino and the LP finds an “insurance” in the puppet Robredo as the sitting vice president to protect them.

However, that Robredo will win the election is wishful thinking. Her top-running score in the latest survey is nothing but a passing fancy and achieved by rigging by machination of the LP dirty tricks department.

From our perch, the presidential race at the homestretch would be a battle between Escudero and Marcos.

But even if, God forbids, Robredo wins, Aquino and his gang of thieving scalawags could not expect the lady vice president to protect them as they hallucinated she could against being locked in jail after the elections for their sins against the people.

To the simplistic and myopic view of Aquino and his thieving scalacawags, even if their crime involves massive thievery ang gross incompetence, they expect their puppet and collaborator Vice President Robredo to play snake charmer and with her beauty and tantalizing eyes  mesmerize President Duterte into forgiving them.

Duterte may love women but he hates the grafters and the corrupt more.

And Robredo also campaigned on an anti-graft platform. She would be desecrating the memory of her late husband, Jesse Robredo, if she would meekly follow and play the role of a puppet designed for her by Aquino and the LP. If elected, Robredo said he would continue the campaign against corruption of her husband, who was the Interior secretary when he perished in a plane crash.

She also would betray the trust of the Filipino people who voted for her.

So she has to part ways with Aquino and his scalawags and help tighten the noose on their necks.

As vice president, Robredo would also have no influence on Duterte who has placed on his agenda a serious campaign against the corrupt and the inept alongside a campaign against criminality and drug lords.

If Duterte say he would shoot the corrupt, criminals and drug dealers, he would do it.

If he says he would dump their dead bodies into Manila Bay for the fish to feast on, he would do it.

If he says he would, if he wins the presidency, file charges and send to jail Aquino, Roxas and the rest of the Tuwad na Daan operatives linked to corruption, he would do it.

The future of the country rests on your vote in May.

You vote Robredo in this election and you could be electing a puppet of the Aquino administration and a potential conspirator to a cover-up of massive graft and corruption.

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