Vote for Unity

duterte bongbong

Today is going to be the most important day in every Filipino’s life in the coming next six years. Filipino voters will be out to cast their votes hoping that change will be made for a better Philippines.


Traditionally, the Presidential election is the most important race in our national polls because he will lead the country in the next six years but whoever is elected as the vice president, he or she will just be a “spare tire.”


This election, however, must also give importance to the vice presidential race given the political forces opposing each other. It’s been three decades since the Yellow forces ousted the Marcos regime through a People Power Revolution.


The Filipino people, in general, were joyous within the first few years of the Cory Aquino Administration. In the three decades that passed, a total of five Presidents ruled and governed the Philippines, two of them Aquinos, including the incumbent Pnoy.


Tomorrow’s election is seen to end the current reign of the Yellow forces, which is actually represented by the Liberal Party. There is a strong clamor for change and it is most likely a feared strongman from the south will be elected.


Majority of the Filipino electorate must be fed up with the administration as indicated by their preference for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.  The ruling LP’s standard bearer has been at the bottom end of the electorate’s preference as indicated by the various surveys conducted since last year.


The LP is perceived to have inflicted so much crime such that the Filipino people can’t endure another six years of their rule.


A win by Duterte, however, is no assurance that there will be a smooth transition. The LP, because of its crimes and shortcomings, will not just allow to be dislodged.


A Duterte win is useless if the winning VP is not an ally but since his running mate, Allan Cayetano is nowhere near the top, the most likely and safest ally will be the leading VP candidate Bongbong Marcos.


There is however a threat from the LP’s VP candidate, Leni Robredo, who is being pushed by the LP as a strong contender for the VP post. Recent survey has suddenly catapulted Robredo into either the second or top slot in the VP race.


Robredo was the biggest spender on political ads among VP contenders, buying P406.82 million worth of airtime from Feb. 9 to April 27, even surpassing her running mate Manuel Roxas II and two other presidential candidates, Nielsen Media reported. 


Marcos’ P45.64 million adspend is a mere 11.21%, which is highly contradictory based on the stature of these two candidates.


Robredo has successfully projected herself to be a simple public servant with very little resources. She has been known to be taking bus rides in going home to Bicol during Congressional breaks.


Marcos, on the other hand, is accused of amassing ill-gotten wealth during the martial law years. Is Marcos simply the thrifty Ilocano who are known to be frugal.


On the other hand, where did Robredo get her funds to finance the hundreds of millions for her ads?


The ruling LP is banking on Robredo to continue of PNoy’s “daang matuwid” ideology should she emerge victorious in national elections. She will be LP’s anchor in a post-PNoy administration, since Roxas is seen to be a loser.

Robredo is crucial for the LP, which is scared of a Duterte administration. Just like former President Joseph Estrada, Duterte might not last long in office because the ruling LP, whose membership includes or are under the influence of oligarchs, will not just easily give up the undue privileges they are enjoying.


Even before the elections are over, there are already threats to impeach the Davao mayor and a Robredo vice-presidency will be surely a good assurance for her LP confederates if Duterte is removed from office.

Marcos, on the other hand is calling for the unification of our fragmented society. While he also believes and supports Duterte’s crusade against crime, drugs and corruption, Marcos, right from the start called for unity.


In his declaration speech, Marcos said nobody should care more for the Filipinos more than our fellow Filipinos. Together, he said, we Filipinos should face the challenges our country will encounter in the next six years.




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