Andanar: ‘President passionate to deliver change’



Palace Communications Chief Martin Andanar said he shared President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s aspiration for positive change, giving context to his response a day prior to the President’s first State-of-the-Nation Address.


“There are issues that I’m passionate about that were mentioned in the speech: unilateral ceasefire (no amount of medals or cash gifts will compensate lost lives), no separation between God and State, Muslim and Lumad TV, Task Force Against Media Killings,” Andanar underscored.

The PCO Secretary lauded the President’s capacity to communicate from the heart, risking going against the established structure and expected protocol and tradition of the annual speech given to Congress on its opening day.

He said the President’s extemporaneous, spontaneous style reaffirmed his desire to fulfill his campaign promises to the people.

“And the Filipino, disciplined, informed and involved, shall rise from the rubbles of sorrow, apathy and pain so much that all mirrors of the world will reflect the face of a passion that will change this land,” Andanar quoted the President.

Observers have characterized the President’s speech as “post-modern,” “unpredictable and sincere in many parts,” “communicating to multiple audiences,” “a mix of serious and facetious,” “a roller coaster ride,” “delivered by a thinking President.”

Andanar likewise expressed gratitude to the President for his attention and support to government media.

“No President has given this premium on government media’s potential in his SONA,” Andanar, who oversees the government’s information machinery, said.

President Duterte announced a milestone in government programming that would expand the services of PTV4, soon to be replaced by the People’s Broadcasting Corporation, which aims to replicate international broadcasting services such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the U.K. and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Australia.

The President repeatedly emphasized his dream to direct greater services to Mindanao and Visayas, as these major islands are considered crucial sites for government information campaign.

“The establishment of the first Muslim and Lumad channel in the country is a resolve of the President to keep abreast the indigenous peoples on issues affecting them and the entire nation,” Andanar said. “The Lumad need relevant and necessary support to pursue education, livelihood, and the protection of their cultural identity.” (PNA)

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