Davao City mayor sets priorities of her administration


Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio has ordered the chiefs of departments and offices at City Hall to ensure the effective implementation of the 10-point agenda that she presented to them on Monday.

Inday Sara’s Top 10 priorities are Poverty alleviation, Infrastructure development, Solid waste management, Health, Education, Agriculture, Tourism, Transportation planning and traffic management, Peace and order, and Disaster risk reduction and mitigation.

In a message transmitted through her Chief of Staff, lawyer Raul Nadela Jr., and acting City Administrator Dwight Domingo, the mayor also urged the department heads to draft their 2017 budget “based on realistic targets” that must be anchored on her 10 priorities.

The department, she said, should “create projects that significantly contribute” to the agenda that she has set.

“My vision is simple,” the mayor said. “I want our constituents to have gainful employment, decent housing, educated and healthy children, able to eat three meals a day, and to be safe and secured in their daily activities.”

The department heads, she stressed, should take the lead in making sure that the people of Davao City will experience meaningful and sustainable change and development under her administration.

“You are empowered to do whatever you want to improve productivity and you are accountable for your team’s output,” she said.

The mayor will also refer specific projects to certain offices for implementation.

“I have several specific projects on my list and I will individually refer to the offices concerned for the implementation,” she said. (PNA

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