Duterte to PSG: Be loyal to the Constitution


President Rodrigo R. Duterte met with the Presidential Security Group (PSG) and their families on Sunday evening in Malacanan and urged them to continue carrying out their Constitutional mandate.


He said, “I am happy that you secure my person but just the same, I would like to caution everybody that I do not cultivate personal loyalty. Just be loyal to the Constitution. Honor the flag.”

Just like the soldiers of the PSG, the President said he is also a government employee. “Pareho lang tayo trabahante lang ng gobyerno, Galing ako sa mahirap na pamilya at rose from the ranks din ago (We are all government workers. I came from a poor family and I also rose from the ranks),” he related, adding that he first occupied the lowest position in the prosecution service when he was working as a prosecutor in Davao.

PRRD apologized for not meeting the PSG at the start of his term due to his tight schedule as President of the country. He told the PSG’s men and women, “bilib ako sa inyo (I look up to you) for your loyalty.”

The President called on them to do their jobs as mandated and not be afraid of harassment related to the performance of their duties. “Magtrabaho lang tayo lahat (let us all just work).”

Reiterating his statements in military camps that he visited in the past days, President Duterte expressed that as Commander-in-chief, he will give them his support as long as they perform their duties to the fullest.

He said he will be supporting the soldiers in terms of equipment to enable them to do their job without going so near the target and risk their lives. “You will have your armaments,” he assured the uniformed services

Aside from the performance of their regular function, the soldiers were urged by the President to help the police secure the country, saying “You have to help the police because we cannot provide security in every inch of the territory, that is impossible.”

Brigadier General Rolando Bautista, PSG’s new commander who assumed the post upon President Duterte’s inauguration, reminded the PSG during the event to “step in cadence with the Commander-in-Chief because we will be the one to protect him.” (PNA)

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