President Rodrigo R. Duterte left on Sunday afternoon, October 16, for his state visit to Brunei Darussalam, the first of a 4-nation mission that would also take him to China, Japan and Russia.

During his visits, President Duterte will meet his fellow state leaders to discuss enhancing of special ties and trade relations with the Philippines.

duterte-no-china-selloutDUTERTE: NO SELL-OUT TO CHINA

President Duterte said he will meet with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah in Brunei Darussalam.

“We will discuss of further enhancing the special ties and reaffirm the enduring relations between our two countries and peoples,” he said in his departure speech at Davao International Airport.

“I will seek to foster closer cooperation, especially within the context of ASEAN,” the President said.

Among the priority areas for discussion are the stronger two-way trade and investments, developing the country’s Halal sector and the micro, small and medium enterprises.

The President is also set to seek strengthening joint resolve to secure just and lasting peace in Mindanao along with growth and development.

He said in terms of growth and development, he will seek to further strengthen joint resolve at securing just and lasting peace in Mindanao.

“Brunei has been a steadfast partner for peace. As the Philippines enters into important phases in our peace talks, Brunei will continue to play an important role,” he said.

In the area of defense and security cooperation, President Duterte said he will seek collaborative undertakings in the sharing of expertise on maritime security issues as well as in capacity building.

He said he will also seek closer collaboration and mutual support in his campaign against illegal drugs, an important step towards attaining the common goal of realizing an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Drug-Free Community.

“I am also set to meet with the Filipino Community in Brunei. It will be an opportunity to thank them for their contributions to socioeconomic development and to apprise them of developments here at home,” he said.

From Brunei, the President will proceed to Beijing for his first state visit to China. (PNA)

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