The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) will invite the legal wife and her children with House of Representatives Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to testify in an investigation on the Davao del Norte solon’s immoral behavior that could potentially lead to his disbarment by the Supreme Court.

Alvarez has publicly admitted that he has extra-marital relations and sired children with women other than his legal wife, Emelita Apostol Alvarez.

I have many children out of wedlock, Alvarez frankly admitted during an interview with Manila radio station DZMM as news of his romantic relations made news.

abogado_reyesAccording to IBP President Rosario Setias-Reyes, the wife, paramours and children of Alvarez would be invited by an investigating committee to look into the Speaker’s violation of the IBP standard of morality imposed on lawyers.

Yes, said Setias-Reyes, when asked if the Speaker’s wife and lovers, and their children, would be invited to testify in the probe.

This is part of the process, said the IBP President in an interview last week by Luchi Cruz-Valdez in her program Reaksyon on  TV5.

In a press statement also last week, Setias-Reyes reminded IBP member Alvarez of the “highest standards of morality, behavior and professionalism” Imposed by IBP on lawyers violation of which can be grounds for disbarment.

The High Court may disbar a lawyer on recommendation of the IBP, the organization of the country’s lawyers.

If somebody files a case against Alvarez, we will accord the Speaker “due process” in the investigation, said Setias-Reyes in the statement.

“The IBP has always and shall always maintain the highest standards of morality, behavior and professionalism among its members,” said the IBP President.

But Alvarez has belittled threats of his being delisted from the roll of attorneys.

Go ahead. File the complaint to disbar me for having a girlfriend, said the undaunted Alvarez.

Alvarez said he is willing to answer disbarment complaints over his extra-marital affairs.

I can’t say these aren’t true. If they file a disbarment complaint, I will answer it, he said.

A disbarment compl aint with IBP that could be elevated to the Supreme Court may not be the only warfront Alvarez will have to face as a consequence of his public admission of having extra-marital affairs.

House opposition leaders are said to be planning to raise the immorality issue to the House ethics committee for investigation.

The opposition also is said to be plotting moves to oust Alvarez as Speaker.

The extra-marital affairs of Alvarez came to the open after the Speaker filed a graft complaint at the Ombudsman against Davao del Norte 2nd District Representative Antonio Floirendo, Jr.

In connection with the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between the Floirendo-owned Tagum Development Corporation (Tadeco) and the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor).

The JVA covered over 5,000 hectares of the Davao Penal Colony (Dapecol) that Tadeco developed into a banana farm with prisoners hired as workers.

Alvarez (1st District, Davao del Norte) said the deal was anomalous and disadvantageous to the government.

Alvarez and Floirendo are political allies and long-time friends and supported the presidential campaign of then Davao City Mayor now President Rodrigo Duterte.

Floirendo, the biggest contributor to the Duterte campaign, supported Alvarez’s congressional bid in the last and past elections.

The Speaker dismissed rumors that his filing of the case had something to do with the quarrel between Jennifer Maliwanag Vicencio and Cathy Binag, Floirendo’s partner, during a festival event in Bacolod.

Alvarez buried himself in an immorality grave after publicly admitting that Jennifer Maliwanag Vicencio is his girlfriend.

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