moro rebels

Moro rebels who laid Marawi City under siege since Monday  are positioned around an Army base with snipers sporadically shooting at Army choppers.

On Thursday, May 25,  heavy gunfire exchanges were heard throughout the day as troopers battled it out with the terrorist Maute Group.

 Media reports said there had been two attempts by Moro snipers to shoot down helicopters flying in or out of the 103rd Brigade headquarters, the command base of the military operations against the Maute Group which occupied and burned several public and private establishments on Monday, May 22.

The military said the sniper fires are diversionary tactics aiming to draw away focus of troopers now closing in on the terrorists in fierce firefights in many parts of the city.

The terrorists are pinned down and are resorting to these diversionary attacks to try to shift the military’s attention from focus areas, said Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesman of the 1st Infantry Division, in a report in

“We will not stop until we flush out the remnants of the  terrorist group,” said Herrera.





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