dutertre de lima

“What will he brag about during the SONA?”

From her cell in Camp Crame, detained Senator Leila de Lima fired this missile with sarcasm at  President Rodrigo Duterte  who is set to deliver his 2nd State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 24.

De Lima, in jail for her alleged involvement in drug dealing at the New Bilibid Prison, said in a statement that she expected nothing but “lies” in the President’s SONA.
What Duterte will deliver on Monday would be a litany of “fake achievements,” she said.
She took potshots at Duterte’s campaign promises to eradicate illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.
 “What will he brag about during the SONA? The killings?” De Lima, Duterte’s arch-critic said. She was referring to the thousands of suspects killed under Duterte’s war on drugs.
 “Let me remind him that he has already gone beyond his self-imposed three to six month deadline that he promised during his campaign,” she said in the statement issued on Sunday, July 23.
“The drugs are still there. It thrived once more in Bilibid. Why? Because they allowed these drug convicts to do their thing, in exchange for testifying against me. How about the true drug lords? Were there any arrests?, said the senator, who was linked to drug lords in the penitentiary.
“How about those with corruption cases, didn’t they release them?” she said.



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