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President Rodrigo Duterte has warned the Office of the Ombudsman against citing policemen and soldiers in contempt for not attending investigation of cases filed against them with the anti-graft body, particularly involving Extra-Judicial Killings. (EJK).

“Everything has to go through me. Whoever you will investigate, you have to course it through me. You address it to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG),” Duterte told the Ombudsman.
His message to policemen and soldiers: “If I say do not allow yourself to be investigated, you will not allow yourself to be investigated.”
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales reacts: “What is the President’s  business  with Ombudsman?”
“There is no law that requires a soldier or a policeman or any respondent for that matter to seek clearance from anybody,” even from the President, she said.
 “Under the law, we have subpoena powers. We have orders for particular officials, including police and soldiers, to show up or to file pleadings. If they don’t file pleadings, that’s their lookout,” she adds.
Morales warns those who would follow Duterte.
The investigation on police and military officials facing complaints before her office would push through whether or not the respondents cooperate with the Ombudsman, she said.
If there is probable cause, we will file the case in court, said Morales.


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