THE DURIAN BEAT: Somersaulting Leni Robredo




Appearing to be bitten by nationalistic bug, Leni of late said she is not closing her doors to the possibility of “uniting” with Digong “for the sake of the country.”
But the country today is united. The Digong administration is doing everything “for the sake of the country.”
Do we still need Leni to achieve what is already achieved? What will Leni contribute for the sake of the country?
Digong from the start of his administration has been getting high ratings in surveys, despite Leni and her cohorts in the opposition heaping a myriad of imagined ills on Digong.
There has never been unity since day one between Digong and Leni or the administration and the opposition.
And yet the country is going great under Digong!
So who needs Leni and company?
It is Digong’s unity with the people that counts, not unity with Leni and the opposition that have been reduced to an inconsequential dot in the political landscape with nothing to contribute to the country other than empty rhetoric.
Early on after taking Malacanang, Digong waved the olive branch to the political opposition, including the militant groups and communist rebels, inviting them to join his administration.
Among the beneficiaries of Digong’s friendly act is Leni, who despite being the opposition’s team leader was given the task as Malacanang’s housing czar.
But she played snake in the grass, dumped a chance of achieving political unity by continuously hitting Digong and his policies despite being a member of the Duterte Cabinet.
Out of the administration’s grace, she went back to gravitate around her allies in the opposition, launched more attack missiles against Duterte  and joined anti-government rallies.
 How will Leni prove that she is sincere in seeking at this time unity with Digong?
By admitting that there is not a dot of nationalism in her efforts to shame and ridicule the presidency, as she had done since her election in 2016. That she would vow to stop attacking Digong and support the administration one hundred percent.
Will she do that? We doubt.
The kind of unity that Leni is talking about is conditional, without assurance she and company would not revert back to humiliating Digong.
It is given we won’t agree on everything; but let us at least find our common denominator. On what ground can we agree, then we build on it, says Leni.
The kind of unity that Leni is seeking from Digong is this: Leni and company  will support Digong only on certain terms but will not stop attacking him over policies they do not like.
So what common denominator Leni is talking about?
It is still the same common denominator in the past  between Digong and Leni: Opposite magnetic poles that will never stick.
As we said, under the current political atmosphere, Leni and company have been reduced to an inconsequential dot with nothing to contribute than noise.
So what can Leni offer under her kind of unity?
Leni said fixing the problems of the nation would be easier if she and Duterte are united to get the cooperation of the constituency.
Well, as we said, Digong is enjoying high ratings in the survey to indicate that he has the strong support and cooperation of the people.
So who needs Leni and company?
From our view, sincerity is nowhere in Leni’s offer of unity with Digong.
Is it tied to swirling speculations that she wanted to make peace with Digong to abort losing the vice presidency to former Senator Bongbong Marcos who has questioned her victory in the 2016 vice presidential race?
As vice president, Leni is a step away from the presidency in 2022. Is Leni courting the support of Digong?
Setting aside speculations about the reasons for raising the white flag, we are tempted to believe that Leni is actually and seriously bothered by conscience over the lies, criticisms and humiliations she had thrown at Digong during the past two years.
And has realized that she would be getting nowhere if she continues her foolishness, Digong having emerged from all the attacks unscathe.
But she has to atone for her sins, if she wants to be believable in her offer of peace with Digong.
 Leni has committed many mortal sins not only against the President but also to Digong’s supporters and the nation as a whole.
In one of her biggest assault, Leni accused Digong of massive human rights violations and extrajudicial killings by the thousands in the country’s war on drugs.
Before the United Nations and international media.
Her stature as the Philippines’ No. 2 top official lent credence to her lie about EJK and HRV and fired up international human rights groups into believing the canard.
To us, that is the biggest crime that Leni committed against Digong and the people. She shamed the country before the world.
To atone for this and to make her offer of peace sincere and believable, Leni should go back to the UN and the international media to say that she was lying when she accused Digong of massive HRVs and thousands of deaths in the anti-drug war EJKs.
Some people are suggesting that Digong dismiss the offer of peace and let Leni stay where she is to blubber nonsense since she is good at it. Anyway, inconsequential dots do not matter in the universe no matter their noise.
But methink, Digong should give Leni another chance, forgive her and give her a slot in the Cabinet. That is if Leni sincerely vows to stop her foolishness and goes back to the UN to say she lied about EJKs and HRVs.
After all, Digong could be missing those shapely legs that Leni displays during Cabinet meetings in Malacanang!

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