Baste Duterte’s political plan known today, October 15

Presidential son and celebrity Sebastian Duterte’s political plan will be announced on Monday, her elder sister and Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte said Friday.

sara hugponglogo

Sara told reporters, on the sidelines of her elder brother Paolo’s filing of certificate of candidacy for the first congressional district here, that Sebastian’s decision would be known in time for the filing of COCs of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago slate in the city.
“Baste had decided already. (You will know) on Monday,” she said.
But whether he was running and what position it would be, it is not for mayorship, Sara hinted, when she confirmed that she would be running for reelection.
“I already announced (a) few weeks ago that I intend to run for reelection as Mayor of Davao City,” she said.
Asked on the possibility she would change her mind and gun for a senate seat instead, Sara said: “There is no more (possibility) because I feel that this is where I should be.”
“I thank everyone for their rust and confidence but i feel that the administration of President Duterte needs support here in Davao city and Davao region and that’s why i will stay here,” she added.
Sara said remaining as mayor of the city “is where I can help the administration of Duterte.”
Sara added that her father, President Duterte, appeared to have supported her decision.
Asked if Sebastian would be her running mate once he firmed up his mind, Sara was unclear in her answer.
“There is really a vice mayor as early as March,” she said but did not elaborate on the identity of her running mate.
Sebastian is Duterte’s youngest of his three children with former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman.
While he was quite popular because of his good looks and his being linked to some celebrities, Sebastian also made a name for himself with his surfing activities and his being a rock music vocalist.
He also hosted a travel program on a major TV network, which only aired once, and his Facebook page, @basteduterteofficial, page has 487,876 followers as of Sunday and liked by 486,612 people.
The 29-year old Sebastian’s plan for politics had been widely speculated about when he joined her sister’s regional party, Hugpong ng Pagbabago in April.
It was not clear though if he was indeed running in the midterm elections and what position it would be.
At one point, he was rumored to be running for mayor of Danao City in Cebu, his grandfather Vicente’s origin.
The suspicion was raised when Sebastian reportedly bought a property there.
In August, Sebastian had hinted that he might eventually run.
He, however, said that his inclination is not really politics.
“I wanted to avoid it as much as possible because politics is troublesome.
This thought has kept him away from actual engagement in politics, he added.
“Of the three of us (Elizabeth’s children), I was the only one who had no experience in politics except during the campaign for my father. It was the only exposure I got and I went back to what I usually do after that because it was not my cup of tea,” Sebastian said. (PNA)

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