Will the people of Davao del Norte trust an ignoramus to run the affairs of its province?

Will they vote a former bus conductor and  a political neophyte who have no inkling whatsoever of how government operates who wanted to be governor?

SMILEYIn a stinging indictment of how low the level of his mentality, the Davao del Norte Capitol said  Edwin Jubahib is an ignoramus.

Jubahib is running in the 2019 mid-term election under the banner of the Alvarez Wing, a political bloc organized by 1st District reelectionist Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez.
Hitting at the administration of Governor Anthony del Rosario, Jubahib said investors are not coming to the province for lack of a zoning ordinance.
Capitol laughed off Jubahid’s claim, with provincial administrator Sammy Sanchez describing him as an ignoramus who shoot claims straight from the mouth without passing the brain.
Jubahib does not know what he is talking about, said Sanchez.
Sanchez said that while crafting a zoning plan is not a mandate of Capitol, the Davao del Norte local government has a Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDFP), which is used as guidepost by its municipalities/cities in crafting their respective zoning/land use plans.
In interviews with the media, Jubahib promised that if he is elected, his Capitol would craft a zoning plan to guide investors where to locate their investments.
Sanchez, lecturing Jubahib, said the provincial government has no authority to approve or disapprove applications for locational permits by investors.
It is not Capitol but the local government units (LGUs) like say Panabo City that approves  application for reclassification by investors which are also  approved by the Provincial Board if they conform with the PDFP of the provincial government, said Sanchez.
Jubahid and his media handlers have been pointing at Steel Asia as an example of the province’s lack of a zoning ordinance.
Steel Asia initially eyed a property in Panabo City for its steel plant but established the multi-million project in Bunawan District in Davao City.
But Sanchez, citing information from the Provincial Planning Office said Steel Asia’s case showed that the province’s zoning plan is at work.
Steel Asia could not get a location permit for its project because the property in Panabo City was classified by the LGU as Agricultural Area.
The local government would have assisted Steel Asia in the reclassification of the property but the company did not follow-up on its plan and instead located its plant in Davao City’s Bunawan District in the city’s Industrial Zone.
But even so, Steel Asia, if it pushed through with its project in Panabo City,  would still have to get the approval of the Provincial Board based on the Capitol’s  Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDFP).
Contrary to the “ignorant” assumption of Jubahib that Davao del Norte has no zoning plan, Sanchez said industrial investors are welcome to pour investments in various industrial areas identified by its LGUs.
Sanchez lamented that because of his ignorance, Jubahib unduly dragged Steel Asia as part of its black propaganda campaign against Gov. del Rosario and the Davao del Norte provincial government.

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