Asks Filipinos to support Duterte infrastructure programs for faster  development

bong go c

Former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go expressed his excitement over the proposed construction of a ‘super bridge’ that will link Mindoro Island to the Province of Batangas that is expected to improve mobility and increase economic activities in the region.

The project is expected to be implemented in 2020.
40371559_1866529720060216_2159184113871880192_nGo could not hide his feeling about the ‘super bridge’  as he  graced on November 11 the People’s Day of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines both in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro.
The League of Municipalities is a formal organization of all the municipalities in the country represented by their Mayor. The League is organized into provincial and national chapters. 
Go said that the key to the advancement and development of the nation is for Filipinos to unite and work together in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s programs and agenda.
“We must unite and work together so that the programs of our President can be implemented efficiently,” Go said.
In his speech at the event, Go, a senatorial candidate,  said that like President Rodrigo Duterte, he is also pushing for rural development through the improvement of infrastructure and healthcare in the provinces. 
Go cited projects that are part of the Build Build Build program and his initiative of establishing Malasakit Centers all over the country as effective ways to improve the quality of life of every Filipino.
“Nais ni Tatay Digong na mapaunlad ang lahat ng bahagi ng Pilipinas at hindi lang ang Metro Manila, kaya nais niyang magkaroon ng mabilis na daloy ng komersyo mula at patungo sa malalayong lugar… Katulad ni Tatay Digong, prayoridad ko rin ang kapakanan ng mga nasa probinsiya,” Go said.
Other than the Mindoro-Batangas span, Go also mentioned the recently constructed 365 lineal meters Lisap Bridge, which connects two barangays in the innermost part of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. 
“I’m excited for Mindoro because one of the government’s proposed infrastructure projects is the Mindoro-Batangas Super Bridge. With the support of your provincial government, we can make it happen. We all know that the government is spending billions of pesos on President Duterte’s Build Build Build program, and many of the projects under this program are already underway,” Go said in his speech at Philippines People’s Day in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro.
Go mentioned that next year, government plans to allot budget for each municipality for Green Projects based on the approved menu set by the Department of Budget and Management. 
Aside from infrastructure, Go also sees healthcare as a priority area for development in the provinces. Go committed to establish a Malasakit center in the island. 
The Malasakit Center is a one-stop shop program of President Duterte to hasten the delivery of medical services and give poor patients access to free medicine. A fast lane prioritizing the senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) is also available. Currently, there are 15 established Malasakit Centers nationwide. 
Go was cited by President Duterte for being “instrumental in arriving at the right decision through proper consultation” when he decided to put up Malasakit Centers nationwide. 
“Priority natin ‘yung mga indigent patients natin pero basta ikaw po ay Pilipino pwede ka mag-avail. Sa Malasakit center, hindi na dapat mahihirapan ang mga may sakit sa pagkuha ng assistance mula gobyerno,” he said.

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