dolfo rodney

Davao del Norte Governor Anthony ‘AGR’ Garcia del Rosario said the provincial government should be run like a corporation guided by short and long term plans for effective governance.

In a radio interview, AGR echoed the style of governance that his older brother Board Member Rodney del Rosario Jr. would adopt if he wins the gubernatorial race in the 2019 mid-term election.


anthony del rosarioAGR has ditched what could be an easy ride to a reelection but is challenging Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez in the race for the First District next year.
Rodney is a shoo-in to win the province’s top post with only a token rival in former bus conductor Edwin Jubahib, a party mate of Alvarez in the Alvarez Wing political bloc.
In an earlier interview, Rodney said that in running Capitol, he would be backstopped by his extensive background in business management as a key player in the del Rosario family’s various business ventures.I will run the government like a corporation, he said.
Rodney is also not a stranger to politics, being a member of the Provincial Board, winning the seat in the 2016 election. He is the chairman of the committee on finance.
In three years I learned how to be an effective politician, he said in a press conference held at Balai Restaurant and Café in Tagum City.
Asked why he is running for governor when he could be spending time for the family business, Rodney said he is inspired by the performance in government of his father former governor Rodolfo del Rosario, Sr. and brother, AGR.
The Del Rosarios are also in the business of politics to serve the people, Rodney said.
He said he will continue the legacy of his father “who worked hard for 30 years as a politician for the good of the people and province of Davao del Norte.”
Rodney said he will continue the various programs of Dolfo and brother AGR and add more after public consultations.
Rodney said he would adopt a participatory government and would run Capitol in consultation with various sectors.
In the radio program DavNor Sayron Ta, AGR said that local government units like private companies should have long-term plans to cope up with the challenges of the future.
Sayron Ta is a weekly Sunday radio program of DavNor province aired over Davao City-based RMN-DxDC. The program is hosted by DavNor provincial information officer Ponyong Gabonada.
AGR said short term plans would address immediate needs while long term plans allow local governments to craft strategies to cope up with  predicted situations and needs.

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