Go bill to make housing accessible to low-income families

Quality and affordable

The Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) will be in the lead in developing, administering  and undertaking social housing programs that will cater to the housing needs of the poorest of the poor, in the proposed bill authored by Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go that aims to address the housing plight of formal and informal sectors in the low-income bracket.

Go said Senate Bill No. 203, or the proposed National Housing Development, Production and Financing Act of 2019, is in  support of the Duterte administration’s aim to address the need for affordable, accessible and quality housing in the country.bong go senate hearing doj

The bill mandates the crafting of a National Housing Development Production and Financing Program to be implemented by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) and its attached key shelter agencies.
Go announced this after recently joining President Duterte in the groundbreaking of a relocation site for victims of a 2018 landslide in Naga City, Cebu.
Based on the Go measure, NHA will be the lead agency tasked to develop and implement various types of housing programs intended for the bottom 30 percent of the income population.
Some of these programs are resettlement, housing programs for low-salaried government employees, settlements upgrading, housing programs of calamity victims, and land banking.
As for the housing plight of formal and informal sectors in the low-income bracket, the draft legislation mandates the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) to develop, administer and undertake social housing programs that will cater to the housing needs of the poorest of the poor.
The proposed law also tasks the National Home Mortga ge Finance Corporation (NHMFC) to increase the availability of affordable housing loans to finance Filipino homebuyers, and for the DHSUD to manage housing, human settlements, and urban development.
To encourage private sector participation in the program, pertinent government agencies are mandated to facilitate the release of the required housing-related permits, licenses, certifications, and tax exemptions and rulings in accordance with the Ease of Doing Business Act.
“Dapat sa susunod na mga taon, wala nang squatter sa sariling bayan. This measure aims to address the 6.5-million housing gap over the period of 20 years,” Go said in past statements. (Hopefully, there will be no more Filipinos considered as a squatter in his own country.)
The government is expected to build 192 housing units in the Cebu area to be awarded to some of the families that were displaced when a landslide occurred in Sitios Sindulan III and Tagaytay of Barangay Tinaan on September 20, 2018.
Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) triggered the landslide, which affected more than 8,000 individuals and caused the death of more than 70 people.
“This event is a fulfillment of our promise to provide an affordable and sustainable resettlement site for the victims,” Duterte said in his speech.
The President also said that the beneficiaries will not be required to pay for the housing units.
“I order the National Housing Authority to give as a gift the housing units in the Naga permanent housing project,” he added.
“All of these, the house and the lot, will be given to you for free,” he stressed.
The victims of the landslide had to be relocated to a two-hectare portion of the Balili property in Barangay Tinaan because their original settlement had been declared unsafe by the authorities. The Cebu provincial government donated the property to the city of Naga. (Manila Bulletin)

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