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National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents in Region 11 (Davao Region) arrested on Wednesday Davao del Sur 2nd District Board Member Arvin Malaza along with seven others in an entrapment operation at a radio station in Digos City.

The seven persons who were not named by the NBI were all workers of the Kakampi Meuws Radio, which is owned by Malaza.

In an interview, NBI-11 director Jonathan Balite told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that Malaza and other suspects were arrested after they confirmed the illegal resumption of operation of the Kabos Padatoon or the Kapa Community Ministry International Incorporated.

malaza kapa
ARRESTED. Davao del Sur 2nd District Board Member Arvin “Jun Blanco” Malaza (extreme left) was arrested on Wednesday (September 18) during an entrapment operation his own radio station in Digos City. National Bureau of Invetigation in Region 11 (NBI-11) said the arrest was due to the resumption of investment solicitation activities of the Kapa Community Ministry International Inc., which the government shut down earlier for fraudulent activities. (PNA Photo by Che Palicte

Balite alleged that Malaza, who also goes by the name Jun Blanco and describes himself as Kapa’s chief media officer, has resumed the group’s illegal investment solicitation activities under Kapa Worldwide.

Kapa Worldwide, the NBI official said, has no business license and is not allowed to solicit investments.

In June, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the Philippine National Police (PNP) and NBI to shut down illegal investment firms such as Kapa.

Dozens of dubious investment schemes promising huge returns were shut down, including Kapa, whose founder Joel Apolinario is facing charges of large-scale estafa.

After Kapa’s closure, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had warned Kapa officials to refrain from reopening their offices as their registration had been revoked.

However, in several social media posts in the previous month, there were announcements on the revival of KAPA under its new name KAPA Worldwide Ministry Association wherein offices in various areas will be reopened and relaunched.

NBI-11 spokesperson, special investigator Joel Ayop said Malaza continued to receive “pay-ins” from investors through his radio station.

Ayop said an NBI operative posed as an investor and gave the PHP10,000 marked money to Malaza’s staff.

Right after giving the receipt, the NBI agents swooped down on the area and arrested Malaza and radio station employees.

“Prior to the entrapment, we already did a pay-in of PHP30,000 yesterday (September 17) to make sure that they are really operating. And we tried it again using our marked money and we have proven that they are really operating so we conducted the entrapment,” Ayop said.

Seized from Malaza’s radio station were the PHP10,000 marked money, Kapa member identification cards, ledgers, books of account, a shotgun with four rounds of ammunition, and other pieces of evidence.

Ayop said Malaza will undergo inquest proceedings on Thursday (September 19) and will face charges of syndicated large scale estafa and violating provisions of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC).

Ayop said they will still investigate each of the seven other suspects to decide who will be included in the charges.

Malaza was elected to the Provincial Board in the May 13, 2019 elections. (PNA)

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