We will continue to be vigilant against such boorish public behavior by government officials


The Mindanao Independent Press Council (MIPC) Inc. regrets the actuation, behavior, and demeanor of Ms. Jeannette Palmera, the assistant provincial director of the the Department of Interior and Local Government in Davao del Norte.

Based on the accounts of the journalists present during the November 15 inauguration of the operation center of the Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (RTF-ELCAC) in Tagum City, Ms. Palmera acted in an uncouth, unethical, and deplorable manner towards the journalists whom she scolded for taking pictures of the rebel returnees who were at the event to receive monetary incentives for surrendered firearms.
According to the journalists, Ms. Palmera repeatedly lashed out at journalists while reminding that the faces of the rebel surrenderers cannot be shown to the public.
This was done in the presence of multiple officials from various provincial government officials in Region 11, including police and military officials. Ms.
Palmera did this in a condescending manner, and in the most embarrassing way possible as she repeatedly tried to get her pointless point across. No one should be embarrassed than Ms. Palmera herself, as her boorish behavior betrays her ignorance that members of the media do not publish faces of former rebels for security reasons, especially when requested so by government forces.
The media personalities attending the said event clearly did not need any tongue-lashing from Ms. Palmera that bordered on the hysterical.
Her verbal assault was unnecessary, uncalled for, and utterly misplaced. Owing to the nature and gravity of her position, we respectfully suggest that Ms. Palmera, undergo media literacy training and relevant workshops to enable her to understand the job of the press, and have a better grasp of her own.
We will continue to be vigilant against such boorish public behavior by government officials as we do our mandate in keeping the public informed.
We will not be cowed by such show of cheap power trip and ignorance.
Reference: Edith Z. Caduaya 09065294997

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