Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said on Thursday, March 12, that the city is not on lock down, even as she issued guidelines stipulating stringent measures as her city confronts the threats of the deadly virus COVID-19.

Duterte-Carpio asked  residents not to go out of the city while visitors are advised to leave the city immediately.
Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who went on air via phone patch over Davao City Disaster radio clarified “The city is not on lockdown”.
The city government issued Coronavirus guidelines No. 8 which states:
1. All Davao residents are prohibited from going out of Davao City.
2. All short term visitors are advised to leave Davao City immediately.
3. All travellers to Davao City are requested to postpone your visit until after the State of Public Health Emergency is lifted.
She also ordered the cancellation of all meetings, conferences until the COVID-19 alert is lifted.
The people are advised not to attend gatherings, masses and convergence of people.
The Mayor said t at the checkpoints, authorities might view every incoming visitor because “Authorities are looking for some people who are under investigation and it is being traced now, but the checkpoints will not stop anyone from coming in” she added.
“It is not prohibited to travel outside Davao” but she discouraged travel if it is unnecessary ” I remind everyone, ayaw na mo ug gawas sa Davao City,” the Mayor stressed.
“When they come home, and get sick, we have limitations to out health kits,” she added.
She said the city limits movement to avoid complication.
The city has also ordered the closure of Roxas night market and all public parks and playgrounds.
Duterte said classes from all levels has been ordered suspend but she encouraged an online class.
For city government offices, a skeletal force will be reporting to their respective offices as City government will adopt a work from home plan, Duterte stressed.
As of 9:00, March 12, Davao City, according to Duterte, “Has no positive case of COVID-19, but we should not wait, we must prevent,” she added.



1) Meetings, conventions, exhibits, conferences, parties, and all other similar social activities must be canceled until after the public health emergency has been lifted.
2) All schools from kindergarten to post-graduate studies must cancel classes and immediately shift to online sessions and take home assignments. All recognition and graduation ceremonies should be postponed until after the public health emergency is lifted.
3) All restaurants, hotels, and other event centers must postpone scheduled events until after the public health emergency has been lifted.
4) Everyone is advised not to attend masses, prayer meetings, and other faith-based and religious gatherings.
5) Everyone is advised to stay at home and refrain from going to public places.
6) All Department Heads are mandated to create a ‘work from home’ plan for most employees. Offices shall create minimum workforce to ensure that government work shall not be disrupted.
7) All City Government offices will not accept visitors. Everyone is advised to call trunkline (082) 241 1000 or email the office you need to contact.
8) All submissions to the City Government shall be received at the Almendras gym with the designated personnel to receive and record submissions.

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