5th wedding anniversary of Rufa Mae Quinto

with husband Trevor Magallanes

Aside from their wedding anniversary, Rufa Mae Quinto also celebrated her husband Trevor Magallanes’s birthday.

Rufa Mae Quinto celebrated many important events this November.

First was Thanksgiving that falls on November 25 every year in the US where she is currently based. Second was her and her husband, Trevor Magallanes’s fifth wedding anniversary on November 26, and three was Trevor’s birthday on November 27.

On her Instagram account, Rufa Mae marked these special occasions by sharing photos from their celebration.

The sexy comedienne reminisced about her and husband’s Manila wedding by sharing some of the highlights of that day.

In the caption, Rufa Mae wrote her anniversary for her better half, saying “Happy 5th wedding anniversary. I love you @trevvvsilog. Thanks for the love, patience, and kindness. Love moves in mysterious ways.”

Meanwhile, Rufa Mae and their four-year-old daughter, Alexandria, surprised Trevor with a cake to celebrate his birthday.

In her message for her husband, Rufa Mae said, “Happy thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, and happy birthday. We wish you a merry Christmas, my Love. We love you, good health and wealth for you @trevvvsilog and more good news, good vibes, very good!”

She added, “Sa lahat ng nag-greet sa amin, salamat. Na-busy kami kaka-celebrate buong buwan.”

ufa and her child migrated to the U.S. in February 2020 to be with Trevor who is a Filipino-American.

According to her, her life as a housewife abroad is a “total turnaround” of what she used to be in the Philippines.

Take a peek at her life in the U.S. with her family in this feature:

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