By BERT DIGAMON Cotabato Bureau Chief

The Kidapawan City Council wants business establishments in the city to repair or upgate their camera monitoring system in compliance with the Close Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Ordinance as part of continuing peace and order campaign.

Councilor Francisco Palmones, chair of the Committee on Peace and Order, told the Durian Post in aninterview that his committee recently conducted a hearing attended by business owners over information that some business establishments are without monitoring cameras or have defective CCTVs.

Officials of the local business chamber have given their support to the effort to ensure that the CCTVs in all the business establishments are working, said Palmones.

Palmones said the business bureau and the local police, who were represented in the hearing, would be conducting joint monitoring to determine compliance of business establishments with the CCTV Ordinance.

According to Palmones, the local government would also be assessing its own outdated CCTV system spread out all over the to be funded and undertaken by the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC).

The project, however has hit a snag, after the Cotabato Provinmcial Board said disaster funds could not be used for the CCTVsystem repair and upgrading.

Palmones said the city government would be looking for another fund source in order to immediately implement the project that is vital to the city’s anti-criminality campaign.

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