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duterte xiWe will go to war. We will fight you.

This was the warning dished out by Chinese President Xi Jinping, when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said his country was planning to dig for oil in the disputed South China Sea.
Duterte had a meeting with Xi early this week in Beijing while attending the China-sponsored Road and Belt Forum.
TOPNEWS NEWBack in the country and detailing his meeting with XI  on television on Friday, May 19,  Duterte said  that the Chinese President  warned him China would go to war if the Philippines would use an arbitral ruling to insist on its claim over the South Sea China.
Xi, according to Duterte, threatened war when he mentioned about the Philippines’ intent to dig oil in the territory.
The Hague-based Arbitral Court had ruled in favor of the Philippine claim over parts of the  South China Sea, that it has called the West Philippine Sea.
China has dismissed the ruling saying the South China Sea is historically owned by China since several dynasties ago.
Xi supposedly made the threat of war when Duterte said  the Philippines will someday drill oil in the West Philippine Sea since it is within the country’s exclusive economic zone.
Duterte narrated the drift of their conversation.
‘It’s ours. I’d like you to listen for a while, “ Duterte recalled telling Xi. “ Mr. Xi Jinping, I would insist that that is ours and I will drill oil there.”
 “Well, we are friends. We do not want to quarrel with you. We would want to maintain the present warm relationship. But if you force the issue, we will go to war,” said the Chinese President.
“This is ours, I’ll drill the oil, ‘ Duterte said.
Xi, according to Duterte, did not like this.
“Please do not do that because that is ours,” Xi said.
 “But I have the arbitral,” Duterte said.
 “Yes, but ours is historical and yours is legal of recent memory,” Xi told Duterte.
“Well, if you force the issue, we’ll be forced to tell you the truth. So what is the truth? ‘We will go to war. We will fight you,” said Xi.

Duterte: Aquino fed SAF men to the lions


President Rodrigo Duterte blamed former president Benigno Aquino III for the death of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in the Mamasapano massacre in Maguindanao province two years ago.

aquinoAquino “fed the policemen to the lion’s den,” a fuming mad Duterte said on Tuesday, January 24, in Malacanang, during a dialogue with the families of the slain elite police officers, on the eve of the second anniversary of the killing during an operation against international terrorist, Malaysian Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan.

saf 44

“Sabihin mo sa Pilipino, sabihin mo sa akin kung paano ka nagkasala. At anong ginawa ninyo bakit you fed the soldiers to the lion’s den, to be eaten by death?” Duterte said in his speech.

Duterte said the Aquino administration has failed to put closure to the tragic incident.

The Mamasapano massacre is considered as the biggest single day lose to the Philipine National Police (PNP).

There are many “unanswered questions” left by the Aquino administration despite many investigations, said Duterte.


 “I do not want to pick a fight at this time in my life but I want you to give a message that it happened during your time and there were a lot of investigations (at the House of Representatives and the Senate and the Office of the President). You could have completed the investigation,” he said.

We must address the issues and find the reasons why the Mamasapano massacre happened, said Duterte.

The family of the victims should   get justice, he said.

point-blank-2“Otherwise, they will bring to their grave the hurt and agony that they have to endure losing a husband, a father or a brother,” Duterte added.

Duterte said to unravel the “unanswered questions” in the massacre,  he would form a commission similar to the Agrava Commission that investigated the killing of Senator Benigno Aquino.