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DOJ releases matrix on drug war ops deaths

MANILA – The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday released information on the initial batch of 52 cases it is reviewing as part of the government’s policy of transparency on the anti-illegal drugs campaign.The matrix included docket numbers, names of deceased suspects, places and… Read More

Duterte not remiss in probing drug war killings

MANILA – The release of information on 52 cases of police anti-drug operations that resulted in killings of drug suspects shows that President Rodrigo Duterte is not remiss in his obligation of investigating human rights violations during his term, Malacañang on Wednesday… Read More


Panelo: Leni’s drug findings ‘a dud’

Malacañang on Monday dismissed Vice President Leni Robredo’s findings and recommendations on the illegal drugs campaign as “a dud”, stressing that she was only trying to be “relevant.”

duterte robredo

Robredo claimed anew that the Duterte administration’s crackdown on illegal drugs is a “failure” because authorities have seized less than one percent of shabu (crystal meth) since 2016.

panelo salvadorPresidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, however, said what he considered a “failure” was Robredo’s 18-day stint as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD).
“Palagay ko failure yung pag-upo niya (I think the failure was her appointment there),” Panelo said in a Palace briefing.
He criticized Robredo for implying that her findings contained irregularities she was about to expose when in fact there was clearly nothing new about her report.
“If you notice when she was threatening (about) this report, she implied na meron siyang mga nadiskubreng iregularidad na akala mo’y bombang sasabog sa mukha (that she discovered irregularities you’d think was a bomb that would explode on your face),” Panelo said.
“It’s a dud. Wala naman siyang sinabi dun na bago na hindi tinututukan ng mga ahensiyang involved laban sa droga (She didn’t say anything new which the drug-related agencies are not already addressing),” he added.

Robredo was supposed to release her findings and recommendations on the government’s campaign against illegal drugs last Dec. 16 but postponed it due to the magnitude 6.9 quake that hit Davao del Sur.
Panelo earlier questioned why it took Robredo so long to release the findings, insinuating that her findings could be “fabricated”.
Not a failure
Citing police data, Robredo said only one percent of shabu has been seized in the three-year drug war because around 3,000 kilos of shabu is consumed in the country every week or around 156,000 kilos per year.
Data from the PDEA showed it only seized 1,344 kilos shabu from January to October 2019; 785 kilos in 2018; and 1,053 kilos in 2017, she said.
Robredo added that according to estimates from the Philippine National Police (PNP), around PHP1.3 trillion worth of shabu circulates in the country every year. However, law enforcement only apprehended PHP1.4 billion worth of illegal drugs.
Panelo, however, said this did not immediately mean that the drug campaign is a failure but that there is more work to do.
He explained that it was easy for illegal drugs to enter the country being composed of many islands, but noted that despite this, they were still being captured by authorities.
“Hindi totally eradicated simply because marami pa ring pumapasok pero yung mga pumapasok, nahuhuli pa rin natin (It’s not totally eradicated simply because there are many illegal drugs coming in, but they continue to be caught),” Panelo said.
“It doesn’t mean na (that) failure kahit na (even if it’s just) one percent,” he added, stressing that Robredo failed to see the drug war’s many accomplishments such as having dismantled illegal drug factories, caused the surrender of drug addicts and pushers, and the neutralization of high-value target drug suspects.
He said Robredo also failed to see the thousands of dysfunctional families by reason of the drug syndicate and only focused on families who have lost loved ones involved in the illegal drug trade.
“I think she just wants to be relevant,” he said.
‘Wrong feeling’
Among her recommendations, Robredo said instead of the PDEA, the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) should chair the ICAD because it focuses on anti-drug policies while the former focuses on law enforcement.
Panelo shrugged off her recommendation, insisting she could not simply rely on her gut feeling.
“What is her basis for saying that? Did she explain? Bakit yan ang feeling niya (Why does she feel that way)? Wrong feeling,” Panelo said. He said Robredo should have consulted with agencies under the ICAD if they were amenable to her suggestion.
“Sila yung mga nandun sa baba, sila ang magsasabi kung okay yung kaniyang rekomendasyon (They’re the ones on the ground, they’re the ones to say whether her recommendations are okay),” Panelo said.
“These are people knowledgeable given the fact that they’ve been there in the last three and a half years. Sila ang nagbibigay ng rekomendasyon (They give the recommendations),” he added.
Panelo, however, said the Palace remains open to her findings and recommendations if useful.
“This is not to say however na kung meron siyang matinong, magandang mungkahe, hindi natin siya iko-consider (that if she is good suggestions, we won’t consider them),” Panelo said.
“So far, ang nakita ko walang basis (But so far, what I see is there’s no basis),” he added.
Should be thankful
Asked if Robredo’s findings would affect the President’s high trust and approval ratings, Panelo said Duterte’s ratings continued to soar amid criticism from the opposition.
“Nakita mo naman kahit na anong banat nila, naging 87 percent nga, lalo ngang lumaki e (You can see that no matter how much they criticize, his trust rating reached 87 percent, it even increased),” Panelo said.
He, however, said Robredo’s higher trust and approval ratings could be attributed to her drug czar stint.
“Tumaas yung rating ni VP Leni. Tumaas lang yun kasi nabigyan siya ng pagkakataon na maging relevant. Inappoint siya e (Her ratings even increased. It only increased because she was given the opportunity to be relevant. She was appointed),” Panelo said.
“Prior to that, diba bagsak siya ng bagsak. Dapat nga nagpapasalamat siya kay Presidente (her ratings were dropping. She should even thank the President),” he added.
Robredo was appointed as co-chair at ICAD on Oct. 31 to help Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Aaron Aquino in efforts to curb the drug menace.
She was fired 19 days later due to alleged “missteps” such as meeting with foreign personalities and groups that have prejudged the drug war and failing to present new measures in curbing the drug proliferation in the country.
Earlier, Panelo said Robredo accepting the role as drug czar was a “golden opportunity” that could even propel her into the presidency. (PNA)


bato 2Another Duterte needed to continue drug war


Although he did not name Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Senator Ronald dela Rosa believes the presidential daughter should be the next president who could continue the war against illegal drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

sara duterte

Before making it to the Senate in the 2016 election, Dela Rosa was chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP). He was the architect of Duterte’s bloody campaign against illegal drugs that human rights groups said killed thousands of drug suspects.
Dela Rosa chairs the public order and dangerous drugs committee.
In a radio interview Dela Rosa said that the government is “running out of time” in the campaign against illegal drugs  and that “maybe we need another Duterte to continue the work.” Duterte fired off his campaign against illegal drugs as soon as he captured Malacanang in the 2016 polls. His term ends in 2022.
Dela Rosa pushing Mayor Sara to the presidency finds credence in a recent survey where she landed as among potential presidential candidates in the 2022 election..
The survey by PUBLICUS released in December said 35% of respondents picked Mayor Sara in a list of 21 potential candidates for president.


bong go malasakit 3

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go  welcomes the support and assistance of the United States in the country’s anti-illegal drugs campaign.

Go said he is open to the government accepting assistance from any person, party, or country willing to help in the campaign against illegal drugs.

Para sa amin ni Pangulong Duterte, kapakanan ng Pilipino, interes ng Pilipino, yun ang unahin natin. Magtulungan po tayo para sa kapakanan ng bawat Pilipino (For President Rodrigo Duterte and me, the welfare and interest of the Filipino people should be put first. We should help one another for the benefit of every Filipino people),” Go was quoted as saying in a news statement issued on Friday.

robredo (1)

Go welcomed the support and assistance of the United States in the country’s anti-illegal drugs campaign after Vice President Leni Robredo’s meeting with a delegation from the US embassy on Wednesday.
“Kung makakatulong po ang US sa kanilang intelligence gathering or sa research (If the US could help us with their intelligence gathering or research), why not?” Go said.
Robredo has accepted the position of co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-illegal Drugs (ICAD).
The senator has expressed support to the newly-appointed anti-drug czar’s request for an additional budget in the fight against drugs.
Ako, as a legislator, sabi ko full support ako kung ano ang makatutulong, basta ang hangarin ay masugpo ang droga (As a legislator, I give my full support to anything that could help the goal of combatting the drug problem),” Go said.
“Ngayon 82 percent ang sang-ayon sa war on drugs Malay mo maging 90 percent, 100 percent. Tutulong po kami. Basta interes ng Pilipino at wala nang dadagdag pa sa mga bikitima ng droga (Currently, 82 percent are satisfied with the war on drugs. Probably, it could still go up to 90 or 100 percent. We would help achieve that. As long as it is in the interest of the Filipinos and there would no longer be additional victims of drugs),” he added. (PNA)